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Articles: KCC looks to keep broadly same proportion of faith and community schools

Contributed by editor on May 13, 2006 - 12:03 AM

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Dear Ed,

Re: Allow us the choice of a church school 

I certainly agree with Kate Richmond's comments about the good atmosphere at Selsted but I don't accept her point that only small schools are right for certain children. I have seen excellent teaching and pastoral care at larger schools. 

Because schools are funded per child, larger schools can afford to employ more teachers per pupil and benefit from being able to offer a wider curriculum. 

I also accept the point that church schools offer a high moral foundation. KCC looks to keep broadly the same proportion of faith schools as community schools so there will still be this option for parents.

The fall in the number of primary school children is simply too big to ignore. How long can a school like Selsted survive when it is running with 33% empty places and relies on its income from the number of pupils? 

The closure of a school is not a light matter which is why there is a thorough process in which all options can be considered. 

Susan Carey
Member Elham Valley
Kent County Council