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Minutes of Hawkinge Community Safety Forum 30 March 2006

Contributed by editor on Jun 05, 2006 - 06:49 PM


Held at The Hawkinge Partnership Office 7.00pm

1.  Introductions

Chris Ashman, David Callahan, Lisa Parsons, Peter Smith, Christena Smith.

Sally Coleman, Perry Hayward, PC Trevor Moody, Shaun Taylor, Terry Scott,
Don Veale, Peter Hogben, Tanya Clarke.

2.  Roundup of current actions and news

The Forum actions and concerns list previously submitted to Hawkinge Parish Council (HPC), SDC, KCC, The Hawkinge Partnership and their consultants was discussed and updated.

The extension of the Hawkinge relief road is due to start soon.

Our appeal and village safety concerns published to HPC has been listened-to and Cllr. Peter Smith has been appointed as the HPC representative o­n HCSF

The problems in and around the Village Hall Car Park are being dealt with HPC obtaining reports and estimates for resurfacing. Lighting and fencing for public safety still required.

Cllr. David Callahan has suggested many times to lobby for a 50 mph speed limit for the A260 from the A20 junction to the A2 junction (30 mph through villages) it is thought that Hawkinge and Swingfield Parishes should work together to see this through.

Cllr. Trice has visited a site of our concern with a member of the forum and given a report to HPC about his concern at the Nursery/Lidl roundabout and employment land. HPC has stated, "Any problems should be directed to Richard Smith, Kent Highways Officer."

Regarding the dangerous blind double bend o­n Gibraltar Lane. Don Veale has reported that Planning Officers have visited and agreed some sort of traffic slowing was required and also that a `kissing gate` would be fixed at the end of the new footpath o­n the new developments taking place nearby.

Puddles and mud o­n Elvington Lane have been dealt with by KCC Highways.

Our request for action by SDC parking wardens over the past few months have resulted in the successful prosecution of motorists parking o­n the lower footpath outside of the shops and o­n the bus stop.

Villagers are advised that parking o­n the pavement is a dealt with by the police as obstruction and the 1 in 3 hour waiting limit extends from the centre of the road to the building line of the shop premises. The footpath is obvious and has previously been marked with a white line its edge. Parking o­n the footpath could bring offenders 2 fines. We ask that shoppers park in the village car park or Community Centre car park and walk.

Please do not obstruct the exit of the pathway beside the village Hall; it makes life difficult for the elderly, disabled and those pushing prams.

3   Public Open Forum

Lisa Parsons told the forum of the difficulties and dangers of crossing the road with her children at the roundabout at the top of the present industrial access road, soon to become the Hawkinge relief road.

Parents of Children attending Churchill school are still selfishly causing problems o­n the road outside of the school as shown previously o­n the HCSF safety video.

Our requests to KCC and their promises to deal with them by April 2006 for the obligatory lines, signs and consideration of a 20mph limit outside of  the school have not been honoured.

Lidl have no objection to drivers using their car park to allow parents to walk their children to school. The Forum advises that care should still be taken when using the road crossing due to speeding cars and lack of visibility between industrial/shop site traffic and pedestrians due to excessive shrubbery o­n the roundabout. Complaints about lack of visibility o­n roundabouts in the village are continuous.

Peter Smith gave the forum some information about the future pedestrian crossing o­n the extension of the relief road. This has been discussed before at some length. The majority of Forum members still feel this is too little, too late.

4.  Any Other Business

The possibilities of CCTV in the centre of the village was discussed with no positive outcome.

5.  Date of Next meeting

Thursday 22nd June 2006 ay 7.30pm at the Hawkinge Partnership offices.

Previously proposed date has been changed due to availability of meeting room.


All members of the public or community organisations are welcome to bring safety matters to the forum.

We would like to see more young people and/or their representatives at our meetings

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Meeting 30th June 2005

Contributed by admin on Aug 28, 2005 - 06:49 PM


Chaired by: Chris Ashman

Present:: Chris Ashman , Deirdre Lawson, Jean McGill , Deirdre Ferguson, Terry Scott, Shaun Taylor, Peter Brun, Brian Marshall, Jyotsna Leney, Gloria Van Woude

Apologies: Sally Coleman, Martin & Jackie Ide, Jenny Carter, Dave Callahan, Peter Smith, Perry Hayward

Agreement of last meeting notes: signed by Chairman.

Amendments required: No

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting:

Concern about lack of communications and activity from Neighbourhood Watch (NHW). Dymchurch Website carrying crime reports about Hawkinge but we have not received these messages.

Safety Forum has applied for funding for residents to be transported to and attend “Trickster Projectâ€? Stageshow and Musical at the Leas Cliff Hall o­n 13th September. Awaiting reply from The Hawkinge Partnership.

Invitation for KCC representative to attend meeting – letter sent but no reply received.

Note of Discussion points Arising from Current Meeting:

The Minutes will now reflect the layout of Theme Group Meeting Notes required by The Hawkinge Partnership, our Sponsors.

Message received from Sally Coleman about the state of the road at the junction of Elvington Lane and Gibraltar Lane due to drain works and lack of warning signs. Beware of Carpet Sellers in the area.

Partnership granted funding for “Trickster“ Project Jan Henry needs numbers for transport, 50 tickets have been allocated for Hawkinge area residents.

Public input to village planning would be useful. CDLPC have just issued a new plan for 3 years Copies of the plan are available.

Ideas received from Charlton Athletic to areas of trouble to enable youths to get involved through the means of football. Jyotsna insists that the village must be prepared to engage in these projects.

Hawkinge should beware other groups reacting to this offer thus loosing benefit to Hawkinge. The same funding was mentioned to Shepway Youth Forum.

It was suggested that education about the safety of their children should be given to parents parking outside of Churchill school.

Members of the Forum and Partnership had a meeting with Neil Campbell of KCC Planning o­n the 1st June. A DVD showing our concerns in the village was given to the Neil and to The Hawkinge Partnership. Our prime concerns are the dangers facing primary school children at Churchill school when travelling to and from school and the irresponsible car parking by parents. Safety in the local lanes for horses, pedestrians and cyclists. Pavement parking in front of the shops and o­n the bus stop.

New Community Warden Colin Hughes arrives in Hawkinge during August, he is currently being trained by Capel Warden Paul James.

Jyotsna gave a talk about the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership’s (CDRP) New Strategy for Shepway which will start with quarterly meetings to discuss Government concerns at Local Level to include Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Violence, Victims of Crime, Town Centre Socialising., Supporting Communities Action, Quality of Life and Safety Forums – First meeting 12th July at the Civic Centre.

DDA Designated Dispersal Area initiative is still in force in parts of Shepway. There will be Coaching Courses for 15 Police Officers.

Actions Agreed by Forum Members:

Action: Chairman to apply to CDRP via the Partnership for a Police Support Officer PCO for Hawkinge whose duties are similar to a Warden but has more powers. To Jyotsna Leney at her suggestion. The 2nd 3rd and 4th year will require funding.

Chairman to contact Neil Campbell (KCC planning) to follow up o­n the Safety Forum video contents and requests and actions being pursued. Suggested by Deirdre Ferguson.

Peter Brun (NHW) will arrange for the NHW caravan and some coordinators to man the information table at the Hawkinge Fun Day o­n September 3rd. Suggested by Chris Ashman

The Hawkinge Community Safety Forum will next meet at

The  Hawkinge Partnership Office at 7pm  8th September 2005

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

Signed o­n behalf of HCSF …………………………………………… Chairman


Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 12 May 2005

Contributed by editor on Jun 22, 2005 - 05:30 PM


Minutes of Meeting 7.15pm 12th May  2005 at Hawkinge Partnership Centre

1.    Introductions.


Chris Ashman (Chairman), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Deirdre Ferguson (Manager of The Hawkinge Partnership),Sandi Ashman, Perry Hayward, Jenny McDonald (Southern Housing Group), Michelle and Ryan Hill, Karen Simpson, Claire Morson

2.    Apologies:

Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Perry Hayward, Jenny Carter (Head Churchill School), Peter Brun (NHW Executive), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer).

3.    Minutes of last meeting.

Signed by Chairman

4.    Guests

New visitors to the forum were welcomed. Jenny McDonald gave more information about the Trickster project and its progress. Trickster is an interactive musical to help raise the level of awareness of crime prevention and unite the audience to beat the bogus caller and distraction burglary. There will be a performance at the Leas Cliff Hall to which vulnerable people and residents at risk will be able to attend, free of charge. The forum will seek funding from The Partnership to help sponsor this project.

5.    Matters Arising & Public Open Forum

There have been many and o­ngoing incidents of anti-social behaviour in the village. In o­ne area the Police are being called daily but do not appear to have the situation under control. Residents reporting the incidents should keep a record of times and dates for later evidence. Help may be required from the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) who apart from everything else control the mobile CCTV cameras. Chairman to invite a representative to the next forum. It was thought that the village and we do not know enough about what is available to help us. The anti-social parking in the village and o­n pavements was discussed and it was thought that we should seek help from the Parking Wardens to educate the offenders.

6.    Safety In Local Lanes – Schools, Walkers, Horses and Vehicles

Karen and Claire attended tonight to discuss the traffic and parking problems around the Churchill School and are operating a petition for the authorities to do something about it, the petition can be signed at various points around the village. The Chairman stated that the problem was a priority of the forum and that letters and invitations to discuss the subject have been sent many times to planning officers, councillors and politicians but as yet no action has been taken. Deirdre offered to help set up a meeting with the KCC to discuss the way forward.  Concerns about the future development of the Employment Land and its effect o­n the same area were also being looked into and it was felt that the forum should be involved in discussion with developers, planners and other Partnership Sub-Groups. Deirdre asked if we could write to the Partnership to set this up.

7.    Letters

A letter to Jeff stack at SDC has been sent a letter discussing our safety concerns in the village involving planning and roads, he replied that it had been forwarded to Alan Ash at KCC.

8.    Reports -  Neighbourhood Watch – Councillors – Community warden – Local Police officer

No official representatives attended

9.    Any other business.

Dates for the diary
23rd May 11am  - Southern Housing Group Meeting, Ashford.
24th May  - Adult Learning
28th May – Barn Dance
3rd Sept. – Community Fun Day – NHW and forum to decide how we participate

10.    Next Meeting.

Thursday 30th June 2005 at the Hawkinge Partnership Centre at 3pm.

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 13 March 2005

Contributed by editor on Apr 22, 2005 - 11:26 AM


Minutes of Meeting 3pm 13th March  2005 at Hawkinge Community Centre

1.    Introductions.

Chris Ashman (Chairman), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette),  Brian Marshall, Deirdre Lawton,  Jan Doyle (Chair The Hawkinge Partnership) David Callahan, Don Veale. Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter) Sandi Ashman, Perry Hayward, David Prior, Brian Hutt, Peter Brun (NHW Executive) Ann Hutt, John Punnett.

2.    Apologies:

Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Perry Hayward, Deirdre Ferguson (Manager of The Hawkinge Partnership), Jenny McDonald (Southern Housing Group), Jenny Carter (Head Churchill School)

3.    Report from Community Warden

The Dispersal Order in parts of Hawkinge has now ceased, but police are responding as quickly as possible to the 2 or 3 calls a day received. Names of offenders were taken and parents visited.
If the Order is to be reinstated the full official procedure will need to take place. Ian gave a breakdown of crime figures in Hawkinge including criminal damage, theft, shoplifting, indecency,
damage to motor vehicles, theft of a caravan and an air rifle incident causing damage to the window of a residence.

Many complaints were made due to the throwing of snowballs but there are some polite children in the village. o­ne councillor was asked if it was all right to throw snowballs before they pelted him. Ian said during the recent weeks he has identified 25 vulnerable persons he has helped and that this sort of work should continue.

Ian’s report is the last he would give to the forum, as he is to take up a new job o­n the 11th. Thanks all around the table were heartily given before he left the meeting. Ian’s work has been highly valued and will be sorely missed by Hawkinge, the new warden will have a tough act to follow. There will also be a second warden for the village who will spend 2 days a week with us.

4.    Minutes of last meeting.

Signed by Chairman 

5.    Open Forum - Matters Arising.

Brian thought there that some of the space in the village car park is wasted and should be re-planned.

Lights are required o­n the pathway next to the village Hall.  The new slope at the Community end of the pathway requires a handrail to be classed as safe in the wet and icy weather. There are still problems with parking and congestion in the village in the mornings.

Plans need to be drawn with regard to parking arrangements at the Community Centre, Village Hall and north of the Community Centre. SDC, Hawkinge Parish Council and the Hall committees need to get together to sort it all out. The forum feels that an independent survey is required for the village to develop the best infrastructure for future safety and development, not just for now.

Chairman agreed to write to the Partnership insisting this impartial survey should take place.  Still concern about illegal parking o­n pavement outside of the shops, rubbish and grass cutting.

Concerns from the Community about the question of the closure/ width restrictions of Mill Lane. A Parish/ KCC matter. Those concerned should contact their councillor. Signs for surrounding lanes required informing drivers of the likelihood of horses and walkers. Speed restrictions in “Home Zones� document to be found.

6.    Reports from Neighbourhood Watch

New computer (KCM) and contact system should go into place 11th April making it easier to leave messages and store more information than at present. NHW wish to inform more of the vulnerable, elderly people that they can be offered the “Handy Vanâ€? service free of charge to upgrade their security if their saving are less than £16,000. Peter Brun is the new NHW Executive for Hawkinge NHW chain of coordinators.  AGM 16th March at the Civic Centre.

7.    Councillors - reports

Complaint of Hawkinge being cut off in the recent snow was due to a set of unique circumstance and the gritter being obstructed by traffic.  Requests for more litterbins and dog-waste bins. Plans to extend the path from the Community Centre to the A260 when the Village Hall Car Park controlled by the Parish Council is revamped. Holes in car park will be filled, and the layout changed. The dangerous pile of blocks belonging to the Community Centre will be removed.

8.    Review current and past actions and letters


The Forum listed current and past actions. Chairman reported that even with all the hard work put in there has not been much progress in convincing authorities that the village needs their involvement and proper planning for the safety of the community, and that he welcomes the new relationship with the Hawkinge Partnership as a way forward. A list of concerns attached.


None received – Consents have been given for various projects including a pub o­n the employment land opposite school, Go ahead for completing the link road and next phase of housing. The Forum have safety concerns about the controls in place for the existing roads/conditions for signage and wish to participate and be consulted at the safety audit stage of the planning of new distribution roads. It appears that safety control will initially be with the developer until acceptable by the authorities as to be fit to be adopted. Chairman has written Jeff Stack SDC.

9.    Any other business.

Next Meeting.
Thursday 12th May 2005 at the Hawkinge Partnership Building
7.15pm to 9.15pm

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

Hawkinge Community Safety Forum Minutes 13th January 2004

Contributed by ChrisAshman on Jan 25, 2005 - 02:12 PM


Minutes of Meeting 3pm 13th January  2004 at Hawkinge Community Centre

1. Introductions.  Present:Chris Ashman (Chairman), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), Brian Marshall, Deirdre Lawton,  Deirdre Ferguson & Jan Doyle (The Hawkinge Partnership) Cllr. Ian Smith, Cllr. David Callahan, Don Veale.

2. Apologies: Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Perry Hayward, PC Trevor Moody, Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter).

3. Minutes of last meeting.  Signed by Chairman

4. GuestsHCSF welcomed Hawkinge Partnership Manager Deirdre Ferguson who introduced the work of the Partnership Theme Leaflets “Crime & Community Safetyâ€? to all.  Discussion took place reference theâ€? pros and consâ€? of HCSF becoming a direct Sub-Group of the Hawkinge Partnership. The vote of the Forum present was “forâ€?.An event for villagers and groups interested in forming sub-groups will be held at the Village Hall from 2.30 to 8pm o­n 27th January 2005. Further information 01303 852321.

5. Open Forum - Matters Arising.  Brian thought there should be more public awareness of Confidence Tricks and Scams by phone, email, letter and personal callers. Discussion about nuisance phone calls was also brought up. Sally Coleman said she would supply a document discussing the subject and that there were various preference services available to prevent the mass of cold calls, junk mail and pamphlet drops.

6. Partnership Event - HCSF will join Neighbourhood Watch and Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden) o­n a stand to present and inform visitors of safety facilities/services availability and plans for the future enhancement for the village. Hawkinge Delivery Plan will be o­n Display See also Item 4.

7. Safety in the Local Lanes Don Veale told us of his concerns about traffic and the reality of living at a local accident black spot. The dangers to horse riders in the lanes around the village, particularly Gibraltar Lane, Elvington Lane, Colegate Lane and Arpinge. Signs needed. KCC Rights of Way Hazards Chairman to write to Highways Authority and invite representative to next forum.

8. LettersNone received – noted as in our previous letter to authorities that Tesco are still causing obstruction problems o­n A260 at peak usage times.

9. Reports from Neighbourhood WatchSally Coleman having been consulted throughout the forum had nothing else to add. The NHW Executive for Hawkinge is Peter Brun. Misspelled in previous minutes

10. Reports from CouncillorsConsents have been given for various projects including a pub o­n the employment land opposite school, Go ahead for completing the link road and next phase of housing. The Forum have safety concerns about the controls in place for the existing roads/conditions for signage and wish to participate and be consulted at the safety audit stage of the planning of new distribution roads. It appears that safety control will initially be with the developer until acceptable by the authorities as to be fit to be adopted. Chairman to write to Jeff Stack SDC. New EU recycling rules to be adopted – discussion at future forum when safety impact understood. Hawkinge now in a situation of Doctor and Dentist shortage with no funds for or support for a Health Centre. Village car park now under control of Hawkinge Parish Council who’s chairman welcomes villagers proposals for future use and paving ideas for the benefit of the village. The untidy and dangerous cement blocks at the back of the Car Park are the responsibility of the Community Centre/ Village Hall committee (those walking or parking beware) Crosskeys coaches are unable to change their pattern of student pick-up and drop suggested by the Forum due to restrictions route and timetable o­n bussing routes.  o­ngoing consultation about speed restriction changes o­n A260 which is unlikely to be de-trunked to relieve village traffic as the proposed by-pass will be unsuitable as planned. Trucks are still directed from the A2 direction via Hawkinge to the Channel Tunnel.  From April 2005 SDC will no longer be responsible for Highways as KCC take the service back into house including staff and contractors. “To take advantage of closer links with Parish and Town Councilsâ€?

11. Report from Community WardenIan gave a full breakdown of crime figures. 2003/2004 Mostly showing deceases in figures but notably Burglary, Shoplifting, Pedal cycle Theft and Violence Against the Person o­n the increase. The Forum were particularly unhappy with the last result as it did not separate figures for Violence Outside the Home & Domestic Violence which we believe to be the majority of the number. Anti Social Behaviour not mentioned. Criminal Damage has decreased but the Hawkinge Partnership papers indicate that Criminal Damage, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Violence increased during 2003/2004. Ian was asked for more details at the next meeting. Nuisance caused by youths playing football in inappropriate places is under observation.

12. Any other business. Chris will give Deirdre Ferguson the names of Forum members supporting their stand at the Taking Part – Making Changes event o­n 27th January at the Village Hall.

13. Next Meeting.Thursday 10th March 2005 Churchill School staff room  7pm to 9pm

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.


Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 11 November 2004

Contributed by editor on Jan 06, 2005 - 01:32 PM


Minutes of Meeting 11th November  2004 at Churchill School

1.    Introductions.

Chris Ashman (Chairman), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Brian Marshall, Deidre Lawton, Perry Hayward,  Deidre Ferguson & Jan Doyle (The Hawkinge Partnership), Martin Kennell & Jan Tester (Tesco).

2.    Apologies:

Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), PC Trevor Moody, Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter).

3.    Minutes of last meeting.

Signed by Chairman. Due to meetings being 2 months apart, it was agreed that minutes from meetings would be posted on our webpage at the Hawkinge Gazette once approved as to be accurate by the Chair and 2 members of the forum

4.    Report From Local Police Officer

PC Moody unable to be present due to classes of duty.see Community Warden report. PC Moody will in the future only attend meetings when he is specifically needed or wishes to bring a subject to the forum.

5.    Guests

HCSF welcomed Hawkinge Partnership Manager Deidre Ferguson who introduced the Theme Leaflets “Crime & Community Safetyâ€?  to all.  Indications that Criminal Damage, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Violence increased during 2003/2004. The Partnership wishes to work with residents associations, Neighbourhood Watch and improve links and cooperation between community, police and other agencies. The Partnership looks to the possibility of HCSF being a direct link as a sub-group. The Parnership office buildings are to be built next to Tesco and will be manned by Deidre and an office manager as a communication and help point linking the village and agencies. The needs of the village and funding of required projects wil be directed from the offices which are due to be launched 2nd April 2005.

An event for villagers and groups interested in forming sub-groups will be held at the Village Hall  from 2.30 to 8pm on 27th January 2005. Further information 01303 852321.

6.    Letters Ref. School Safety, Parking in Village - Tesco

Chris Introduced Martin Kennell by giving a resume of the problems surrounding the Tesco “One Stop Shop� referring to the forum letter written 2nd August 2004 to Cllr. David Callahan - Cllr. Peter Smith, Phillapa Janaway ( KCC Road Safety Officer) - The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC MP - Brian McAndrew (Chief Executive SDC) - Robert Beck ( Highways SDC) - John Palmer (County Member) - Cllr. Christena Smith - Cllr. Richard King KCC - Jan Doyle (Chair, Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership).

Martin gave a short talk upon the improvements already made by himself and his policy concerning intimidation to his customers by groups of youths and sales of alcohol, The situation has improved since his appointment as manager of the store.  Martin agreed that there was a concern about timing of the stores’ delivery vehicles clashing with school busses and dropping-off and collection of children at the primary school, he said he will look into it. Martin felt sure that Tesco would cooperate with the village about delivery arrangements and would appreciate alternatives as the village changes. Perry said that Tesco delivery vehicles were double parked out side of the shop one morning last week causing obstruction to through traffic.

7.    Open Forum - Matters Arising.

Jan Tester asked if Crosskeys could be asked to change their collection and pick-up point for Pent Valley and Brockhill School to the bottom of Aerodrome Road as over 50% of the children come from that direction, this would reduce congestion. The rear of the Community Centre was also suggested as an alternative. Cllr. Peter Smith had already said at a previous meeting that he would talk to Education authorities about the problem but he has not reported back to the forum. Ian said he will attempt to find answers to the pick-up points problem above by talking to the Education Office. Perry concerned about the danger to horse riders in the lanes around the village, particularly Gibraltar Lane and Elvington Lane. Signs needed. Residents at the double bends on Gibraltar Lane have already seen some nasty accidents. The bends and are at the junction of a popular throughway for riders.

8.    Reports from Neighbourhood Watch

Sally Coleman was unfortunately able to attend this evening.
The New Neighbourhood Watch Executive for Hawkinge is Peter Broom.

9.    Reports from Councillors

No councillors attended the meeting.

10.    Report from Community Warden

Although problems with village youth has been a concern over the past year, it is only the select few that cause trouble and are in general known. There have been as many as 8 calls per week due to problems at Tesco. Crime is rapidly decreasing in Hawkinge. Cycling Proficiency Classes are being held regularly at both of the schools. The Partnership will have a “Youth Sub Group� to look into the needs of these children. Parts of Hawkinge are designated as Designated Dispersal Areas where those causing obstruction and nuisance can be dealt with and a curfew for young children is imposed. This restriction is not permanent. Ian promised a full breakdown of crime figures at the next meeting.

11.    Any other business.
Attendees of the recent Parish Council meeting revealed that it appears that the Village Hall car park does not belong to the Village Hall, but to SDC,  Chris welcomed the news as it may now be possible to get the car park repaired and made a homogenous part of the Village. It is noted that current parking arrangement on the A260 restricts the view of drivers leaving the Village Hall car park.

12.    Next Meeting.

Thursday 13th January Hawkinge Community Centre  3pm to 5pm

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

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