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New style Hawkinge Parish Council Carol Concert a big success

Contributed by editor on Dec 06, 2010 - 03:03 PM

More than 200 people went along to the Hawkinge Parish Council  Annual Carol Concert at the Community Centre on Sunday (5 December).

Hawkinge Parish Council bulletin - Football Club Pavilion

Contributed by editor on Nov 11, 2009 - 09:20 AM

Hawkinge Parish Council’s plan to build a new Football Pavilion for their site at the Parish Council Grounds took a significant step forward last week, when planning was unanimously approved by Shepway District Council’s Development Control Committee.

New man fills vacancy on Parish Council

Contributed by editor on Sep 19, 2008 - 09:27 AM




The Parish Council is pleased to announce that at its meeting in September, Councillor Tim Ollerenshaw was co-opted to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council.

Councillor Ollerenshaw has lived in the village for 16 years and is a former local business man.

He is keen to offer his assistance to the residents of Hawkinge to make the village a good place in which to live and work.

Village Hall car park enhancements

Contributed by editor on Sep 08, 2008 - 04:58 PM

Public Report Number HPC/08/03

10 September 2008



This report outlines options for enhancements to the village hall car park from within Section 106 monies.

The Parish Council will be asked to prioritise projects to be provided from Section 106 monies. This project has been identified by the Parish Council and as several options are available, the Parish Council is required to indicate in principle which is its preferred option.

1. To receive and note the report.
2. To agree in principle the preferred option of the Parish Council for provision from within Section 106 monies.
3. To proceed with a computer assisted design of the preferred scheme.

1.1 On 13 February 2008, minute 572, the Parish Council resolved to produce an overall strategy for the provision for community and youth facilities using section 106 monies. Two pots of money are available; transportation funds (£100,000) and Community funds (£255,000). This was done in conjunction with The Parish Council approving its Aims and Objectives for 2008/11.

1.2 The Parish Council agreed to the release of £7,000 towards the De Havilland Close footpath and £3,000 towards the Pritchard Drive footpath. This leaves a current pot of £244,000 in the community funds pot.

1.3. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk have been progressing the projects identified by the Parish Council at the extra-ordinary meeting in July 2007. Discussions have been held with Shepway District Council officers and it is anticipated that a full and detailed report will be placed before the Parish Council at its meeting in October when the Parish Council will be asked to prioritise the various schemes, the car park being one. The Parish Council will be required to balance the priority of enhancing the car park against the provision of other recreational facilities. Other funding streams from the sale of the Leisuredrome, the funding held by Shepway District Council for the provision of changing facilities at the football ground and any available grant funding will also form part of the report.



The Village Hall car park was highlighted as one of the priorities for the Parish Council and discussions have identified that improvements can be made using funds from the community pot. The results of a consultation carried out at the Hawkinge Fun Day in 2007, relating to the route of the footpath to be provided through the car park were reported to the Parish Council on 10 October 2007, minute 501 and it was resolved to extend the existing footpath and cycle path along the edge of the village hall car park joining Canterbury Road. The surface of the car park is currently maintained by way of the potholes being filled on an annual basis from within the existing budget. Other issues of concern relate to pedestrians walking through the middle of the car park, lighting and general maintenance.

The Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Clerk have sought advice from the District Council’s Engineer and met him on site to obtain a view and estimated cost of the project. No alterations are proposed for the access to the car park.

The Parish Council is asked to consider various options for the enhancement of the car park including the less expensive option and the more costly option. Detailed costs have not been officially requested as at this stage it would be possible to have either the less or more expensive option included in the bid from the section 106 monies.

Both options are shown on the sketch plan attached to this report.

2.2. OPTION 1

This is the least expensive option and involves improvements as follows, but does not include the complete resurfacing of the existing car park, a ball park figure for these works is £15,000:

• Creation of a 3 meter wide combined footpath/cyclepath connecting the existing path at the Community Centre to Canterbury Road, with a chicane at the Canterbury Road junction. Tree to be retained.
• Waist height column lighting poles down the side of the footpath.
• Close off rear end of footpath which currently runs down the side of the village hall.
• Bumper fencing around the car park (like that at the Community Centre).
• A height restriction barrier and gate to shut off the car park if required.
• The removal of the large white notice board on the grass verge and replacement with a triangular board to include Parish Council logo.
• The incorporation of the grass verge at the rear and front of the car park within the Parish Maintenance contract.
• New signs to be included.

The benefits of this option include:
• Reduces costs for both initial renovation and future maintenance.
• Stops bikers and skaters from using it as a make shift sports park at night.
• Reduces the likelihood of undesirables using it as a long term stay over

The disadvantages include:
• Increased risk of slips, trips and falls.

2.3 OPTION 2

This is the more expensive option and includes the complete resurfacing, with tarmac of the whole car park, a ball park figure for these works is £50,000:

• Includes all of the above plus
• The complete surface being tarmaced
• The provision of marked disabled bays.

The benefits of this option include:
• Reduced likelihood of trips, slips and falls.

The disadvantages include:
• Increases the costs for both initial renovation and possibly future maintenance.
• May encourage bikers and skaters to use it as a make shift sports park at night.

Future maintenance costs of both options still need to be considered and included within future budget and further information is being sought.


The Parish Council is asked to indicate in principle which option it wishes to pursue, to enable a computer assisted design to be produced and to use this as a base for a more detailed proposal to be put forward.


If you have any queries about this report please contact The Responsible Finance Officer of the Council
Tel: 01304 242704, 01303 893681 or email: prior to the meeting.

Background Documents: Village hall car park file.


Hawkinge Parish Council agenda - 10 September 2008

Contributed by editor on Sep 08, 2008 - 04:44 PM


You are requested to attend a meeting of the PARISH COUNCIL to be held on WEDNESDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2008 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Canterbury Road, Hawkinge.

Tina Wiles
Clerk to the Parish Council


The Chairman will take questions from parishioners. The number of speakers will be limited to five (time limit 3 minutes).




Members of the Council should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s on this agenda. You have a personal interest if the issue being discussed in the meeting affects the well-being or finances of you, your family or your close associates more than most other people who live in the area affected by the issue. Personal interests are also matters that relate to an interest you must register.

Prejudicial interests are personal interests that affect you, your family, or your close associates in the following ways: their finances, or regulatory functions such as licensing or planning which affect them and which a reasonable member of the public with knowledge of the facts would believe likely to harm or impair your ability to judge the public interest.

If you have a personal interest you must normally declare it at the meeting. If the personal interest arises because of your membership of another public body, you only need to declare it if you intend to speak. If you have both a personal and prejudicial interest you must declare it and leave the room although you do have the same right as a member of the public to make representations, give evidence and answer questions about the matter.

Whenever possible, and if in doubt, advice should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting.


To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 9 July 2008.


Following a recent resignation notices have been posted in the village stating that the vacancy will be filled by way of co-option. Persons interested were asked to apply in writing to the Clerk by 4th September 2008. One application has been received to date and a copy of the application is attached. Other applications received after publication of the agenda will be considered at the meeting.

RECOMMENDATION: To appoint a Councillor to fill the vacancy.


The Clerk will report on the schedule of payments to be made following the meeting. A copy of the schedule is attached.

Please contact the Clerk before the meeting if you have any queries on the items listed.

RECOMMENDATION: To approve the schedule of payments attached at Appendix A.


On 9th July 2008, the Parish Council resolved to participate in the Hawkinge Community Fun Day will be held on 13 September 2008. A team of Councillors are currently preparing the Parish Council’s display.
Last year the Parish Council made a donation of £100 to the event and a further request has been received this year.

1. To determine a donation to the Hawkinge Fund Day Event.


Following the resignation of John Punnett a vacancy exists for a Councillor nomination to the Village Hall Management Committee. The Parish Council has two nominations and Councillor Joan Brisley is the other representative.

RECOMMENDATION: To nominate a Parish Councillor to the Village Hall Management Committee.


At the Annual Parish Council meeting, Councillor Ms J Brisley was appointed as the Parish Council’s representative on the Youth Working Group. Councillor Brisley has written to the Parish Council saying that because of her poor health she is unable to continue as the Parish Council’s representative. Councillor Mrs P Meloy has been attending these meetings in Councillor Ms Brisley absence, as deputy.

1. To thank Councillor Ms Joan Brisley for the work and commitment she has given this group.
2. To appoint Councillor Mrs Meloy as the Parish Council’s representative on the Working Group, with Councillor P Smith as Deputy.


Following the appointment of some Parish Councillors to the Board of Trustees of the Community Centre it was necessary for them to amend their register of interests. This identified that not all Parish Councillors had completed the copy they had received from the District Council. All Councillors were circulated with a further copy with Councillor Update 21 in which they were asked to return to the Clerk at the meeting.

RECOMMENDATION: To hand completed Register of Interest forms to the Clerk.


REPORT PC/08/03 outlines options for enhancements to the village hall car park from within Section 106 monies.


Councillor Update 22 issued on 27 August gave details of a proposed gift to the Parish Council of a three acre field nr Coombe Wood, Hawkinge. A trust is being set up by the person making the gift and this will commence in August 2009. The initial request is that the Parish Council consider the continued use of the field as an informal nature reserve for the benefit of the residents of Hawkinge. A further report giving the details will be given to the Parish Council.

1. To receive and note the report.
2. To accept the gift and to agree to the continued use as informal nature reserve.
3. To write expressing the thanks of the Parish Council for this gift.
4. To ask the Finance and General Purposes Committee to progress the terms of the Trust as required and to report back to the Parish Council.
5. To ask the Finance and General Purposes Committee to include consideration of the future maintenance of this asset within the Parish Council’s budget.


Following the grant of Planning Application on 22 April 2008, the Parish Council was asked to comply with a condition which required the submission of a detailed estimate in connection with improvements to light and wall surfaces at the Community Centre. This information was prepared by the Parish Council Agent, Kent Planning and has been submitted to the District Council. The Parish Council has been advised that planning permission will be despatched shortly. Councillors have been kept fully update to date on progress by way of Councillors Updates and this report is for information only.

RECOMMENDATION: To receive and note the report.


To receive the minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of 23 July 2008, attached, with the exception of minute 76, Provision of Changing Facilities at the Football Ground, which makes recommendations to the Parish Council.

The Committee considered the provision of changing facilities at the football ground and drew upon the experience it had gained following the visits to Staplehurst Parish Council and Ashford Mini Soccer Centre. Full details of the visits are included on appendix 1 to the Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of 23 July which are attached to this agenda. The Committee;


1. To pursue in-house, the provision of changing facilities using the funds available from the Parish Council.
2. To write to SEEDA for match funding for the provision of a sectional type building like that of the Ashford Mini Soccer Centre
3. To visit one other changing room facility.

Councillor Tearle, Chairman of the Finance Committee will give an update on progress and bookings to date.


1. To receive and note the report.
2. To approve recommendations 1, 2 and 3 of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of 23 July 2008.
3. To conclude the Football Project Review Group and to re-establish the Group to with the task of providing changing facilities In-House.


At its meeting on 9th July 2008 the Parish Council was advised that new trustees of the Community Centre had been appointed. Councillor Colin Tearle, the Parish Council’s appointed Trustee will give a progress update.

The update will focus on the work that the new Trustee have undertaken to date including, review of personnel, internal controls, opening hours, procedure for bookings, meetings of the Board and occupancy averages.

RECOMMENDATION: To receive and note the update.


At its meeting on 9th July 2008, Councillor T Hutt, Lead Councillor for Allotments announced that the Parish Council had obtained land for an allotment in Stombers Lane, Hawkinge. Written confirmation of the details of the proposed 30 years lease is still awaited from Shepway District Council, who own the land. The delay is being caused because planning permission is being sought from Dover District Council. The Parish Council is anticipating full details shortly and in the meantime has held preliminary discussion with Hawkinge Allotment Society who it is intended will run the allotment in Partnership with the Parish Council. It is suggested that a working group be set up to progress the allotment.


1. To welcome the allotment within Hawkinge Parish and to agree in principle to enter into a lease subject to the satisfaction of the Parish Council.
2. To ask the Finance and General Purposes Committee to look at the detail of the lease and make recommendations to the Parish Council where necessary.
3. To appoint The Chairman and Vice-Chairman to lead the working group and to work in Partnership with Hawkinge Allotment Society to progress the allotment.
4. To receive regular reports from the working group.


1. The list of planning applications received since the last meeting is attached, giving details of the responses sent to the District Council by the Planning and Development Group for endorsement.

2. A letter from Kent Planning raising potential issues at Maypole Farm is also attached for information.


1. To receive and note the responses of the Planning and Development Group detailed in the report.

2. To receive and note the letter from Kent Planning.

Please contact the Clerk if you would like to view the plans before the meeting.


There is two items of correspondence attached to this agenda.

1. Letter from Royal Airforces Association dated 4 August 2008.
The letter gives details of the Battle of Britain Commemorations 2008.

A wreath has been ordered at it is hoped that as many Councillors as possible will attend the Hawkinge Memorial Service on Monday 15 September at 6.30pm.

RECOMMENDATION: To receive and note the details of the commemorations 2008.

2. Communication from East Kent Road Car Heritage Trust asking the Parish Council if is able to assist with one acre of land for the building of a bus restoration depot.

RECOMMENDATION: To consider this application should a piece of land become available.

The general correspondence folder will available at the meeting from the Clerk or can been viewed in the Hawkinge Partnership Office.


Parish council football ground closed for maintenance work

Contributed by editor on Jun 27, 2008 - 07:25 PM

News from Hawkinge Parish Council - 26 June 2008


Hirers of the Ground have been notified by the Parish Council that the Ground has been closed to enable the grounds maintenance works to be undertaken. Parish Council policy is that casual use is a feature of the ground and it does not intend to officially close the Ground unless advised to do so during the course of the maintenance works.

Whilst the PC does not physically close the ground, it does ask that heavy, organised use of the ground ceases for a period to allow it to rest whilst the maintenance contract is carried out.

The Parish Council has made this request in writing to all hirers of the ground. This is to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from the substantial amounts of public money spent on the ground maintenance contract by the Parish Council in previous years and consolidating that work again this year.

It is anticipated that the Ground will be available for hire by mid to late July 2008.


Hawkinge Parish Council - Appointments to Outside Bodies 2008/09

Contributed by editor on May 09, 2008 - 09:29 PM

This report details the existing Parish Council representatives serving on outside bodies and recommends the appointment of representatives to serve for the following municipal year.

The Parish Council is invited to appoint representatives on to outside bodies and it important to engage with Partners to provide a better service to residents.

1. To make appointments to the outside organisations listed below.

The Parish Council is currently invited to have representatives on the following organisations.

Organisation Current Representative
Neighbourhood Management Partnership Board (2 representatives)
Councillor D Callahan

Community Centre Trust Councillor G Hodgson
Village Hall Committee Councillor Ms J Brisley
Kent Association of Parish Councils Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council..
Shepway Sports and Leisure Partnership Councillor C D Tearle


On 8 May the Hawkinge Partnership Board will be considering changes to its structure and if adopted will have the effect of increasing its number of working group to include an IT Café Working Group.

In order to take advantage of the working relationship between the Parish Council and the Hawkinge Partnership is essential that the Parish Council has representatives on each of the working groups. It will be the responsibility of the Parish Councillor nominated to each working group to attend, present the policies of the Parish Council and make a written report back to the next meeting of the Parish Council.

The proposed working groups are listed below:

Proposed Working Groups
Nominated Representative
Connecting Hawkinge
1 Board Representative with the other as Deputy
Sustainability 1 Board Representative with the other as named Deputy
Cllr Ms J Brisley
Community Chest
Cllr D Callahan
IT Café

Housing Cllr P Smith

Community Events
Cllr P Smith


To make appointments for 2008/09.

There are no financial implications arising from the report.

If you require further information about this report please contact

Tina Wiles, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.
Tel: 01304 242704, 01303 893681 or Email

The following background documents have been relied upon in the preparation of this report: Nil


Hawkinge Parish Council - Appointments to Committees 2008/09

Contributed by editor on May 09, 2008 - 09:22 PM


This report details the existing membership of the Committees of the Parish Council and seeks membership for 2008/09.

The Parish Council needs to make appointments to its Committees for the next municipal year to enable it to carry out its business efficiently.

RECOMMENDATION: To make appointments to the Committees listed below for 2008/09.

The Parish Council currently has three formal committees which meet bi-monthly in accordance with its terms of reference.



1 Cllr David Callahan
2 Cllr Tony Hutt
3 Cllr Peter Smith
4 Cllr Colin Tearle


1 Cllr David Callahan
2 Cllr John Heasman
3 Cllr Tony Hutt
4 Cllr Mrs Patricia Meloy
5 Cllr John Punnett
6 Cllr Peter Smith


1 Cllr David Callahan
2 Cllr John Heasman
3 Cllr Tony Hutt
4 Cllr Peter Smith

If you require further information about this report please contact

Tina Wiles, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.
Tel: 01304 242704, 01303 893681 or Email

The following background documents have been relied upon in the preparation of this report: Nil


Hawkinge Parish annual meeting -23 April 2008 - Chairman's report

Contributed by editor on Apr 25, 2008 - 02:14 PM

This year has been a year for change of the Parish Council. In May 2007 there were Parish Council elections and a new Parish Council was elected.

Our new Parish Clerk, Tina Wiles, started in April 2007 and for the first time, the PC has a full time Clerk. This has meant that the PC has been able to reorganise itself and put in place a robust decision making structure.

The PC now has 2 formal committees. The Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Community Services Advisory Committee. These committees have been able to discuss matters in depth and make recommendations to the Parish Council. The PC has a hot desk in the Hawkinge Partnership Offices which enable the Clerk to meet and discuss Parish matters with councillors and other interested parties.

The PC is also preparing itself to gain Quality Status and this is progressing well. A Parish Plan Steering Committee has been formed under the Chairmanship of Councillor Tony Hutt who will be reporting its progress later in the meeting.

The PC in partnership with KCC and Hawkinge Partnership has been involved in the Canterbury Road Project and the results of the project can been seen at present. The PC has been acting as a lead partner in the Canterbury Road Visual Improvement Project with monies from the PC and the Hawkinge Partnership. The improvements will be made to the grass areas in front of the shops. The works are due to start on 6th May.

The PC carried out a consultation on 8th September in conjunction with the Hawkinge Fun Day to find out what local people would like to see the Section 106 monies spend on. This has resulted in the PC working in Partnership with Shepway District Council to produce an overall village strategy of the needs and requirements and the identification of possible locations.

The Community Centre has continued to have its problems. The PC in partnership with the Hawkinge Partnership and other stakeholders has met and had discussions and now believe with its new Charity Status that the Community Centre should be able to be developed and provide good amenities for the village.

In January of this year two new Parish Councillors were elected Cllr Mrs Pat Meloy and Cllr Colin Tearle, following the resignation of Mrs James and Keven Avery.

In September 2007, the Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) Committee began its review and financial scrutiny of the various projects it was progressing. The review started with the Football Project. After a thorough look at how the project was developing, a decision was reached that it of a scale that was beyond the resources of the Parish Council ie that the proposal to build a pavilion complete with a large community hall in excess of an estimated £500,000 - £600,000 would expose the Parish Council to financial risk. The F&GP Cttee considered that the original project to build changing rooms for in the region of £200,000 including match funding, with a view to expansion as required was the best option and within the resources of the PC.

The Parish Council approved the recommendations of the F & GP Cttee and resolved to continue to make £100,000 available for the project to go ahead.

The Committee also asked the F&GP Cttee to look again at the project, this time not just financially but to make recommendation as to how the PC should be proceed in general with the project. The F &FP Cttee set up a review group Chaired by Cllr Colin Tearle and again after lengthy debate and discussions with interested parties came to the conclusion that there was a need for changing rooms but found little evidence of sustainability for a pavilion with community hall. The cost of running such a building would expose the PC to financial risk. Advice was sought from an independent internal auditor recommended by the Kent Association of Local Council’s, who recommended that the Parish Council should not take such a risk. During its considerations, the review group were impressed by the achievements of the Football Club and to encourage the Club further its aims, suggested that the PC should offer a two year lease to the Club. The PC supported this and the lease is currently being negotiated.

Other achievements during the year have been the provision of a Christmas Tree in the village. You probably all saw the lighted Chirstmas Tree outside the village hall. This was a success and I am pleased to say that there was no vandalism and that the PC is planning the same again for this year. We held our annual Christmas Carol concert in early December in the Community Centre and the event was very well attended.

We have been working with the Hawkinge Allotment Society in a concerted effort to provide an allotment within the Village. This project falls within the overall village strategy and I am pleased to say that real progress is being made at present, with a site owned by Shepway District Council

The Parish Council adopted its aims and objectives in January 2008. This document highlighted the priorities for the next three years and will direct where the money raised in the precept will be spent. It will also focus on sustaining the projects that are currently being pursued.

The Parish Council has throughout the year been consulted on many planning applications within Hawkinge and continues to support the needs of the village through its consultation responses.

In conclusion, the Parish Council will continue to be involved in many more major projects which it hopes can be delivered to local people during the forthcoming year. Other projects will continue to be progressed into future years.

Finally, I would like to finish by thanking my fellow councillors for their hard work and support and the Clerk for the support she has given me.

David Callahan

Hawkinge Parish Council news bulletin - 18 April 2008

Contributed by editor on Apr 18, 2008 - 12:00 PM


You will soon notice something very different about the area in from
of the parade of shops in Canterbury Road.

Councillor David, Callahan gave a report to the
Parish Council saying that the contract had been let and works were
due to start on 6 May 2008. The shopkeepers were to be notified in
preparation for this exciting new venture.

The Parish Council has set aside a sum in its budget to fund these
works and is very pleased they are soon to be progressed. The plans
have been displayed in the Hawkinge Community Office.

This project is running simultaneously with the
highway improvements to Canterbury Road.


The Parish
Council has identified the provision of an Allotment in its Aims and
Objectives and Councillor Tony Hutt has been nominated lead
councillor for this project. He has actively been seeking an
allotment site, working with the Hawkinge Allotment Society and has
gained the support of the District Councillors.

Several possibilities have been investigated and
the Parish Council is very pleased to say that it is making real
progress in respect of a site owned by Shepway District Council in
Stombers Lane.

Steve Walker, from Hawkinge Environmental Group
has suggested some hedgerow planting schemes on the proposed site
which it is hoped would enhance the Parish Council’s chances of the
site progressing.

This is good news and the Parish Council would
like to thank Steve for this exciting offer. A further update will
be given when the Parish Council has more information.


The Parish Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee has been
working with the Hawkinge Youth Football Club and has resolved to
offer a two year lease of the Sports Ground, off Cricketers Close to
the Club.

The Club is regularly using the ground for
training and match purposes.

The lease is currently being formalised.


Following discussions with Shepway District Council and Kent
Highways, the Parish Council is pleased to be progressing
transportation projects including exploring the provision of a
cycleway and footpath on Spitfire Way.

The Parish Council is hoping to secure £25,000 of
additional funding from Kent County Council Local Transport Fund to
allow this scheme to go ahead in 2009/10 along with other identified
projects including the provision of a footpath and cycleway across
the Village Hall Car Park and rail fence, and a safety audit and
traffic calming measures in Mill Lane.


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