Your shop front is quite literally the window into your business. For passing traffic, it is suggestive of the value within and can make the difference as to whether a potential customer will stop or not.  

Passing footfall can quickly turn into loyal and profitable customers, so the front of your shop can quite literally make the difference as to whether your business scrapes by or becomes profitable.

As a shop owner, you should look to provide an exceptional in store shopping experience. Your shop window should indicate this to potential shoppers. The first step to creating an effective shop front is to grab your customers’ attention. But with so many other shops all jostling for the same customers, it is prudent to find out exactly how to make potential customers stop.

Obviously, your appearance has to be your main focus, but how do you stand out from all the competition and entice customers inside?

High Quality Glass

You may not have thought about this, but there are varying degrees of quality when it comes to the glass in a shop front. While a high-quality glass may set you back a bit initially, you should think of this as an investment. Different glasses can make the difference in whether you project an appearance of quality to passing traffic. The reflective nature of glass is also imperative as you don’t want potential customers having to cup their faces to the glass in order to see what’s on display within.

Entrance and Surrounding Area

A luxurious welcome mat has been found to be an attraction for customers. It speaks of the quality that they can expect within and will help guide your customers onto your premises. Give your potential customers a little glimpse of what they can expect to find. This way you can entice people into your shop without them even glancing at your shop front.

A portable sign is often very effective, although this will all depend on the message. Take your time and think carefully, often an injection of humour can work well to pique interest, however, always check with local authorities as some areas have restrictions when it comes to signage on the street.

The pavement surrounding your shop is also important. You should strive to keep it clean and clear in order to start a quality shopping experience from the outset. Consider hiring a chewing gum removal machine to make the pavement look smarter outside and to avoid potential customers from walking chewing gum onto your premises.


A beautifully landscaped exterior will attract customers’ eyes and exude quality. Go for something that will look great regardless of the season and make sure it is regularly maintained. If there is no room for planting, consider a potted display of plants.

Window Display

Your window display is obviously essential. It should tell a story in order to interrupt the stride of passers-by. This is your means of extending an invitation and should be kept fresh and relevant.  

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