It’s always nice to have a change and refresh your home’s décor. 

It’s an opportunity to express your style and personality, making your living space a place that is truly your own. However, like most big tasks, decorating can take a lot of time and effort and sometimes you can wonder why you bothered in the first place. If you want to upgrade a room in your house to something more stylish, here are some top tips on how to make the experience easier for yourself.

Choose Timeless Designs

Interior design trends, like most fashions, come in and out of style as the years go by. To avoid feeling the need to update your living space again in a couple of years because the style is no longer in vogue, instead choose a simple and timeless design. For example, selecting neutral shades will make it easier to keep a room looking stylish: instead of painting the walls again, you can simply add new accessories to the space to keep it fashionable. Conversely, while printed wallpaper might be all the rage at the moment, you might not be so keen on your choice in a few years.


Getting good quality tools and equipment to help you with the decorating process will also be very beneficial. Items such as a steamer will help enormously when you’re trying to take down old wallpaper to replace it: this task will be much harder and take longer if you keep having to dampen the paper to peel it away from the wall. Additionally, good quality paint rollers with adjustable handles are also excellent for decorating ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas of a room.


The flooring of a room has a big effect on the overall look and design. Before you decide on which flooring to get, consider the function of the space you’re decorating. If it’s a bedroom, choosing carpeted floors would be best, as it would be warmer and cosier. You can find local carpet fitters to place these for you, taking the stress out of the process for you. Wooden floors might look best in a dining room or kitchen, as they’re easier to clean if there are any spills.


If you’re completely revamping a room, buying new furniture to match this new look could be a good idea, especially if your current furnishings are old and worn out. You can take inspiration from interior design magazines and websites to help you find the style you want. It is important to note that comfort is still a crucial factor, especially for sofas in your living room, and while there are many fashionable designs available on the market, they might not always be the most comfortable.

Art Work

To bring the room together, consider hanging some tasteful prints on the walls. You may also want to add more interesting things like sculptures, tapestries, decorative vases or figurines into the mix. Of course, what you pick will all depend on your tastes, but these items can bring some extra style into your living space.

Decorating isn’t always the easiest task, but these tips might just help you do it right.  

By Ed

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