London is a hive of business activity. For many, the capital presents a range of opportunities and is a great place to begin an expansion plan.

The infrastructure, networking opportunities and central office locations make it the perfect place to take your business to the next level. There are some challenges to overcome in this setting, and increased costs is just one of the aspects. However, there are several ways to expand your business into the capital to improve your company prospects.

Secure funding

One of the most significant challenges for any business is expanding into an expensive location. However, the benefits can outweigh the initial investment if you are able to gain funding for your venture. There are several options for business funding, and if you are unable to use traditional routes, there are also a range of alternatives. Some examples include crowdfunding and angel investment, which are available outside of the more stringent terms used by typical business lenders.

Consider office space

Space is a premium in the capital, so it’s useful to gauge just how much you will need for your expansion. There is a range of examples of large office space to rent in London and smaller options depending on your needs, such as these examples at The Workplace Company. Opting for central locations will cost more each month. Still, they can have a significant influence on the look and reputation of your business. You will also have access to reliable and regular transport links, and a wealth of talent right on your doorstep.

Embrace social selling channels

Every business needs an online presence. Even though you are in the thick of it in the city, consumers will still be looking to shop online and take advantage of fast services. Depending on the type of business you run, you have an audience right at the heart of your operations. For companies that sell products, you can also diversify with same-day delivery in the capital or collection from your premises to create more avenues for your customers to buy from you easily.

Change with the times

Consumers like to see a business that is changing and improving with the times. A stagnant company is less likely to succeed long term, as purchasing habits are continually evolving. Moving into London will put you in the thick of change, as the city never sleeps and is at the forefront of innovation. A London based business may also be able to build a solid reputation on being an innovator and forward-thinking company that delves deeper into the customer experience. This concept can improve the respect you receive from customers and gains more interest from your audience.

Be realistic

London can bring a host of opportunities to your company. Still, it’s advisable not to forget about the hurdles you may face along the way. The increased costs are just one element to think about to make sure you can continue to make a healthy profit and maintain a presence in the capital.

By Ed

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