Bowling alleys provide a universal fun activity, with people of all ages enjoying visiting the lanes.

Bowling is, without a doubt, a fantastic sport for bonding with friends and family. From coming up with silly names for the scoreboard to yelling “gutterball” when someone has an off throw, bowling is tons of fun for all involved.

As bowling alleys need to cater to a vast array of people and ages, it’s essential to incorporate additional elements that will contribute to a better experience for your customers. Many families will go to bowling alleys for their family night out or book birthday parties. To set yourself apart from the competition, here are some ways to incorporate more family fun into your bowling alley.

Add a games area

Rather than offering just bowling, adding a games area can provide even more activities for the family to enjoy. Instead of just visiting your facility for an hour, your customers can spend a whole afternoon enjoying all the things to do at your bowling alley. You can include pool tables, table tennis, air hockey and some pinball machines, so there’s something for everyone. Home Leisure Direct can supply you with all the equipment you need to kit out an excellent games area for your bowling alley.

Incorporate music

Music is what sets the mood in your bowling alley. You want families and friends to be up dancing and singing along as they enjoy their time in your facility. Invest in a good sound system to create a vibe and ensure a crisp, clear sound that is audible above all the laughing and shouting. You can use playlists that feature family-friendly hits and classics that will appeal to a broad audience. Add a jukebox that allows your customers to choose their own songs and pick classics that their entire group love.

Glow in the dark bowling

In the evening, consider offering a glow in the dark bowling at your bowling alley. You can swap out the classic balls for some glow in the dark ones and give all your customers glow stick bracelets when they enter. They can wear fun accessories that will look really cool under the black light. You can also sell glow in the dark paint that customers can use to draw fun pictures on their faces. By installing some black lights, you can easily transition your bowling alley from day to night with the flip of a switch.

You can add design features that will only appear under a black light so that they won’t be visible during the daytime sessions. Glow in the dark bowling is a fun and unique activity for families to enjoy. Make sure to switch up the music too and opt for something more evening appropriate, such as electronic or 90s music.

Indoor mini-golf

If you’ve got the space, create a small, indoor mini-golf course for your customers to enjoy when they come to your bowling alley. You can get creative with the design, and choose a fun theme such as dinosaur golf, or under the sea. Building a mini-golf course will give people another great reason to come and check out your facility and offer a wider variety of activities for families to enjoy.

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