London is home to over 8.9 million people from all different walks of life. If you fall into this statistic and want to be more active, there are more ways than ever to get from A to B in this thriving city.

Rather than using the underground or bus to get to and from work, there are viable alternatives that can keep you fit and keep you safe, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re ready to try out something new, here are 5 cool ways for Londoners to get around.

Penny Board

Starting at roughly £35, a penny board is made of plastic, which makes them able to gather speed quickly and withstand immense force. A penny board is a lightweight skateboard that you can use while on the go in the city, offering a smooth ride for both beginner and experienced riders. As they are small in size, this makes them easy to carry and store, meaning you can ride your penny board to and from work and not have to worry about storage space.


As a Londoner, you will know more than anyone how hectic the roads can be. With traffic always at a standstill, getting to work on time may be out the window when using a vehicle. If you don’t like the idea of being on a cramped rush-hour tube, the next best thing is to invest in a scooter or motorcycle. There is a scooter bike shop London that you can visit, which has a range of vehicles to choose from. Commuting in London is stressful enough, so being able to cut through traffic with ease is one of the main reasons why Londoners choose scooters.

Electric Bike

If you’re passionate about the environment and want to do your bit in reducing your carbon footprint, choosing a greener mode of transport may be the first thing on your mind. An electric bike uses rechargeable batteries that can see you travel up to 45km per hour, which is a much faster alternative to a cycle bike. If you enjoy regular exercise but are in a hurry, an electric bike can let you whiz through the streets of London while ensuring you remain eco-friendly.

Segway Hoverboard

If you have excellent balance and want to try out something different, more and more Londoners are choosing to get around with the help of a Segway hoverboard. Not only are they comfortable to ride, Segway hoverboards are eco-friendly and cost-effective. While you may not think you’re getting much exercise stood still riding along, a 30-minute journey can see you burn up to 300 calories. If you’re worried about speed, Segways only go up to 10 miles per hour, meaning you can stay safe on the London roads.


For those who like low impact exercise and want to increase their core strength, both can be achieved by purchasing rollerblades. As a Londoner, you are bound to have seen many commuters using rollerblades to get from place to place, so if you like the idea of maintaining your weight, muscle endurance, and working your arms and legs, rollerblading can be a great alternative way to get around London.

All the options above can be great alternatives to get around London, some of which provide numerous health benefits for your mind and body.

By Ed

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