Even if you enjoy your makeup and beauty routine, it’s always a positive when you find easier and quicker ways to achieve something.

Even finding great ways to avoid some of the most annoying aspects of beauty care (especially the painful and uncomfortable ones) can be fun!

Here are nine great beauty hacks to make your routine that little bit easier.

1. Use Lipstick as Blush

If you run out of blush and like to utilise products for more than one use, or maybe you just love the colour of a certain lipstick, using your finger to gently blend a small amount of lipstick can achieve a great natural blush look.

Bonus point: use the same lipstick for your lips, and you’ll match!

2. Recycle Old Mascara Wands

Don’t throw out your old mascara: wash the wand, and it can be a great tool for brushing eyebrows or even to touch up roots with colour more easily.

3. Keep Makeup Removal Products Next To Your Bed

Lazy moments often happen, and especially when you’re tired and still need to remove a day’s worth of makeup. Keeping removal products next to your bed, such as wipes and treatments, means you can reach across and still remove your makeup even at your most lazy.

4. Stimulate Eyebrow Growth With Oil

Certain oils, like coconut oils, or petroleum jelly, help to retain the moisture in your skin around the eyebrows if it is applied overnight and regularly. This may help natural eyebrow growth to happen at a healthier pace. If you’re struggling to grow your eyebrows, though, or are suffering from past overplucking, there are alternatives like brow transplant treatment with hshairclinic.co.uk.

5. Achieve Quicker Hair Waves

If you want wavy hair but don’t want to go through the rigmarole of every small section with a curler, put your hair into a plait or twisted ponytail and press your straightener down along the length of the hair. When you unravel, you should have quick and easy waves.

6. Use Your Finger to Avoid Lipstick on Teeth

After you’ve applied your favourite shade of lipstick or lip gloss, put your finger into your mouth and press your lips around it. This will get rid of any lipstick on the inside of your mouth and avoid it staining your teeth.

7. Use Your Hair Dryer for Skin Products

If you’re tired of waiting for your moisturiser, lotion, or self-tan to dry before you rush out of the door, switch your hairdryer to its cool setting and give your skin a helpful blast.

8. Use Mascara as an Eyeliner

If you’re looking to pack fewer beauty products when travelling, want to make the most out of what you already have, or you’re fresh out of liner, you can use a liner wand to press onto your mascara and use this as an eyeliner instead.

9. Create a Smoky Eye With Smudged Liner

If you’ve had basic eyeliner on throughout the day and need to create a quick and effective night-time look, you can blend in the eyeliner already applied by using a cotton bud and create a smoky eye effect — perfect if rushing out for the evening after work!

By Ed

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