Anti-social behaviour that is either targeted at or that negatively impacts upon your business can be an absolute nightmare.

With stress, financial implications and even fear for you and your customers’ safety all being common side effects of these harmful actions.

Some of the most common examples of anti-social behaviour include:

• Inconsiderate or nuisance neighbours

• Vandalism such as graffiti and fly-posting

• Environmental damage including excessive littering, fly-tipping or abandonment of cars

• Threatening behaviour aimed at customers and/or employees

• Verbal abuse

If you are currently experiencing anti-social behaviour aimed at your business or you are worried about the risk of anti-social behaviour in the future, there are several steps that you can take to help protect your business, customers and staff members.

Starting with . . .

Conduct a risk assessment

Your very first course of action should be to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment. This is because most criminal activity is unplanned and takes place when an opportunist sees a chance and goes for it.

Within your risk assessment, you will want to look at identifying specific areas where people will have the opportunity to commit a crime such as on an unsecured high value item. Once you have your list of potential risks, you can then start to put the necessary security measures in place.

Deter criminals

There are several ways in which you can deter criminals and reduce your chance of being affected by anti-social behaviour. If you are currently being targeted by young offenders, you may want to invest in a Sonic teenager deterrent, also known as an anti-loitering device. The Mosquito, or Mosquito alarm emits a high frequency sound that is heard predominantly by younger people aged 25 and under, acting as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and drug distribution.

If you haven’t already, you may also want to purchase security cameras and install them in plain view of the public.

Protect your property

If you are worried about theft or criminal damage, it is a good idea to look into ways in which you can protect your company building or office. Installing grilles and shutters can be highly effective, as can having good lighting at both your entrances and exits.

You should also ensure that all your windows have secure locks and you may want to invest in burglar resistant glass.

Join forces with other local businesses

If the cost of additional security measures is an issue for your business, you may want to consider collaborating with other local businesses to help combat anti-social behaviour in your area. Not only will this allow you to share the cost of expensive alarms and cameras, it will also open the gates of communication between you and other businesses about the issue of anti-social behaviour in your area, creating a united front against offenders.

If your business has been affected by anti-social behaviour, it can be difficult to know what actions to take. If a crime has been committed such as criminal damage or theft, you should contact the police. If the issue is ongoing, it can be a good idea to keep a diary of events so that you prove the extent of the behaviour that you are up against.

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