More than forty people have been fined after attempting to cross the Channel since the weekend despite several warnings to heed Government regulations and keep people safe from Covid-19.

Since Friday 20 November officers have continued to engage with people arriving at the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel, encouraging them to adhere to the tighter restrictions that have been put in place across England until 2 December 2020.

Many of those stopped admitted to going on holiday and, despite the advice from police, made second attempts to cross to France and were fined as a result.

Among those who received fixed penalty notices were two men and two women from Barnsley, two men and a woman from Ipswich, a man from Preston, a man from Welling and several people from London, Coventry and Essex.

Elsewhere in the county, one man from Folkestone and another from Ashford were both fined for holding parties of more than 15 people at their properties. A man was also given a fixed penalty notice at a pub on the Isle of Sheppey after patrols attended to find people inside who didn’t live at the premises.

As of Wednesday 25 November, a total of 236 fines have been issued by Kent Police since March to those who have breached Covid-19 legislation.

Assistant Chief Constable Claire Nix said: ‘It is very worrying that despite the well-publicised national restrictions and advice, some people still aren’t getting the message.

‘Covid-19 remains a deadly threat, one which simply cannot be ignored by those who feel now is the time to hold parties or go on holiday to visit their families in other parts of the world.

‘We all need to play our part and make sacrifices to keep everyone safe and to support the NHS at this extremely challenging time. The government has been clear about the restrictions and we will continue to enforce them whenever we have to.

‘Unless you have to travel for work or have a legitimate reason to be arriving at the Port of Dover or the Channel Tunnel, our officers will turn you away.

‘We are working closely with businesses and other forces to police the Government’s response to Covid-19. Anyone blatantly ignoring advice will be issued with a fine and we won’t hesitate to increase the level of those fines for anyone who repeatedly breaks the rules and puts other people’s lives at risk.’

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