By Peter Jurzynski

It will be only the 2nd New Year’s Eve that I am in the USA in a dozens years.

What a year 2020 was for all of us. For me 2020 has been a little longer for me than most of you. Since I began the year in London, 5 hours before NY ushered in 2020. So as I am ending 2020 in the eastern US, I can say my 2020 was 5 hours longer than yours.

Folkestone and all of England as well as the US are facing difficult yet hopeful times with covid, but this column will be not focus on that, instead New Year is a time to also reflect back in time.

Let me go down memory lane as an American who first visited Folkestone in August of 1985 wondering of the readers recollections.

Folkestone Harbour Arm and The Old High Street

Sealink British ferries in the Harbour?

The nice older lady who ran “channel tours” out of the port facilities where folks could purchase guided tours to France or Belgium?

Old High Street’s number one merchant Ray the key maker?

Mirabelle B and B on Marine Terrace and the nice lady Joan who ran it?

The arcade overlooking Sunny Sands Beach?

Folkestone Rock sweet makers at the top of the Old High Street?

Taking a ferry or catamaran directly from.Folkestone Harbour to the heart of Boulonge France?

Once in Boulogne via ferry a trip up the hill to Old Town in Boulogne?

I recall so clearly about 2 days after a 16 hour channel swim, I took the ferry from Folkestone to Boulonge walked up to the Old Town visited the Cathedral to thank God for my swim only finding it difficult getting up from the pew after being sore from my swim 48hours or so earlier

One thing I miss were the ferries or sea cats from Folkestone to Boulogne.

I recall and miss so many unique things in Folkestone that no longer exist.

Most of all though I miss so many people of Folkestone who parted this world over the years.

So with a little nostalgia I wish you all a Happy New Year

Peter Jurzynski

Naugatuck, Connecticut USA

By Ed

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