A further 63 fines have been issued this week to people breaching Covid-19 regulations as the country continues to be in lockdown.

Since Monday 11 January 2021 officers fined more people for holding inside and outside gatherings, being outside without reasonable excuse and for not self-isolating.

Among the fines issued included four to a group of people found riding scooters and playing music from cars at a car park in Sandling Road, Maidstone on 13 January. They were each given a £200 fine.

During the early hours of 13 January officers stopped a car in Stirling Way, Ramsgate where they found three people, all from separate households. They told officers they had driven from London to collect money that was owed to them. They were all fined £200 each.

In the early hours of 12 January, officers located a car on the A244 in Riverhead outside a car dealers. The driver told officers he had driven down from Sussex to look at the cars in the garage. He was fined £200.

A woman was fined £200 for hosting a house party in Sweyn Road, Ramsgate. Officers attended the property after reports of a disturbance outside, but when they arrived they noticed birthday banners on the door. The home owner claimed all those attended had received negative Covid-19 tests.

On 15 January officers were called to a disturbance in Croft Court, Tunbridge Wells where people were seen climbing out of the windows. Four people were issued £200 fines for being part of an unlawful gathering.

There were five incidents this week of people from different households found in cars together.

On 13 January in Sotherton in Ashford, officers fined two men £200 each for being inside a car with other people they do not live with.

Two people from different households were fined for being inside a car together in Sir Thomas Longley Road in Medway on 12 January. They told officers they came out to talk.

On 12 January two men, not from the same household were fined after officers found them eating in a car in Culpeper Close, Medway.

On 14 January two people who had met up in a car in Bluebell Hill were both fined £200 each.

A man from Northfleet faces a £1,000 fine for failing to self-isolate after returning to the UK from Romania.

A man was fined £200 on 13 January for failing to wear a face covering in a supermarket in Charlton Green, Dover. He was asked by the store manager to wear the covering before entering, he refused and was then asked to leave and again refused before officers were called. Three men were also fined for not wearing face coverings in a takeaway shop in Strood following complaints.

Fines of £200 were also issued to people in Gillingham, Edenbridge, Rochester and Dover for allowing other people inside their homes.

Assistant Chief Constable Claire Nix said: ‘It is unacceptable that people are still choosing to hold indoor and outdoor gatherings and to make un-necessary trips.

‘At a time when there is so much pressure on Kent’s health services it is more important than ever for people to adhere to the government regulations.

‘The country is at a critical point and we must all understand the dangers of the rapid spread of this new variant of Covid-19.

‘Kent residents should visit the Government website to ensure they are familiar with what is and isn’t permitted and what may be exempt from the restrictions.

‘Officers will continue to patrol the county, explaining, engaging and encouraging people to adhere to the regulations and will enforce the penalty notices when they feel it is necessary.’

By Ed

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