Mandy Quy-Verlander is a KCC Community Warden who works with victims of doorstep crime.

In her latest newsletter she talks of some frightening research from the Home Office on the effects of doorstep crime. It shows that older people are nearly 3 times more likely to go into residential care after becoming a victim.

“It makes me so angry, how dare these criminals take advantage of good people!” says Mandy.

“I want to stop them for good – and I need your help. Learn to identify these criminals when they knock on your door. Watch the video below where I tell the story of a lovely lady from my district and learn what to look out for.  

“Sadly, by the time I met Doris she had already lost over £18,000 to doorstep criminals.”
Doris’s story
“Doris is in her 70s and is a carer for her husband. When Doris’s son suffered a stroke, she needed a company to clear and carry out some basic maintenance on his home. When someone knocked on the door and offered to do the work, she felt grateful for their help. Unfortunately, they were not a legitimate company.”

“In this video I tell Doris’s story in the hope it will stop others from becoming victims themselves.”
Every year in Kent elderly & vulnerable people are targets of doorstep criminals who prey on people by gaining their trust and convincing them that urgent and often unnecessary work needs to be carried out. They will keep finding work until the victim runs out of money and normally leave the works in-complete and to a bad standard. Help me to put a stop to this crime!

Please stay alert, take care and stay safe,

Mandy Quy-Verlander
KCC Community Warden
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Report doorstep criminals as soon as you see them or tell your local Community Warden or Police Officer.
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