There are reports from Kent Police on the increase of dog theft or attempted thefts in Kent over the past week with advice to secure your garden and property.

Cases have increased by 33% in the South East since 2018 – with 163 incidents reported within the last year.

Demand for dogs have skyrocketed in lockdown and prices have soared as a result. 

What to do:

Keep your dogs safe by following these simple steps:

  • Safe – secure your property and garden.
  • Spottable – Keep your dogs in sight and train them to return to you.
  • Searchable – Know what steps to take if they go missing.

More stories

Read more from Dogs Trust on keeping your pet safe. 

Report any information about a stolen dog or suspicious behaviour to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or call the Police on 101.

Please warn family members, friends and neighbours.

By Ed

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