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Reports of anti-social behaviour led officers to issue five warning letters to off-road bikers in Darenth.

Across 10 and 11 April 2021, Kent Police officers received reports of off-road motorcycles being driven in an anti-social manner inside Darenth Country Park, in Darenth Park Avenue.

Officers arrived at the area and five riders were found driving the vehicles inside the public park.

They were each issued with Section 59 warning letters which required them to leave the area and warned them that, if they were found using the vehicles in an anti-social manner again, the vehicles would be seized.

Inspector Sarah Rivett of Dartford’s Community Safety Unit said: ‘We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and are aware that often it is a small minority of people who are causing the issue but that their actions and behaviour can have a detrimental impact on a large community.

‘Our public parks and open spaces are there for all to enjoy in a safe and responsible manner and are not suitable places for off-road motorcycles to frequent. We will continue to clamp down on anyone seen using vehicles in these areas.’

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