Officers from Kent’s Roads Safety Unit teamed up with colleagues from Sussex Police and Highways England in an initiative aimed at promoting safer riding amongst motorcyclists.

The action formed part of the national two-wheel road safety campaign which ran between 12 and 18 April.

On Saturday and Sunday officers from Kent and Sussex Police focused their efforts on roads that attract a large number of motorcycle groups, including the A2070 and A259. Whilst the officers were there to enforce traffic law, the main emphasis of the action was to engage with motorcycle groups to ensure they were riding safely.

RSU team

The team also performed safety checks on the A21 and Military Road, Rye following reports of anti-social motoring, speeding and dangerous riding. In addition to speaking with the motorcyclists, officers were also keen to engage with other motorists to ensure they were driving considerately and looking out for vulnerable road users.

Chief Inspector Elena Hall said: ‘This partnership effort was not about penalising motorcyclists but about promoting road safety and understanding between different groups of people who use the road network.

‘The vast majority of motorcyclists are enthusiasts who ride safely. However, historically we have received reports of dangerous riding and speeding and we are keen to engage with the motorcycling community, so they are aware of the importance of riding safely.

‘All motorists have a responsibility to look out for vulnerable road users, regardless of what vehicle they travel in. Our message is simple, look twice and think bike – especially at junctions and when manoeuvring your car. Those few seconds you are trying to save could take a life, whereas taking extra caution could prevent someone being put in harms way.’

Chief Inspector Elena Hall

Colin Evans, Regional Safety Coordinator, Highways England, said: ‘At Highways England our top priority is safety. Joint events like this one are a great way to help our customers understand the importance of driving and riding appropriately. Looking out for each other, means that everyone has a part to play in ensuring anyone using our network gets home safe and well.’

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