There have now been three incidents in the last week where cars have attempted to tailgate another vehicle through one of the city centre security bollards and become impaled.

The latest incident happened on Friday morning, 23 April,

The council are warning motorists not to tailgate through the bollards. The signs are clear – only drive forward when there is a green light. 

Council officers have made it clear that there is absolutely no point in taking a risk and trying to get through straight after someone else. You will come unstuck.

In today’s incident, pictured above, the driver involved admitted to our officer on the scene that he was in the wrong and that he had seen the no tailgating sign.

The bollards are operating exactly in the way they should in order to try and keep the city centre and its businesses and residents safe. These incidents are proof that they are doing the job we want them to do.

The overwhelming majority of vehicles are not allowed in the city centre at all and have not been for around 40 years. Those that want to gain access must talk individually to our team in the control room before they are allowed to proceed.

Find out more details about how the bollards system works.

By Ed

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