Street robbers, burglars and jewellery thieves received sentences totalling more than 30 years in April 2021, following investigations carried out by the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad.

Among those jailed by the county-wide team of detectives, for a combined total of 31 years and seven months, was a robber who kicked an elderly woman in the face and a repeat burglar who stole jewellery from homes across east Kent.

Over the same time period, the team received authority to issue 45 new charges and made 21 arrests.

As a result of these new arrests and charges, individuals who are alleged to have threatened people with knives, or used stolen cards in fraudulent transactions, have been remanded in custody ahead of future court dates.

Detective Inspector Darren Reynolds, who leads the team, said: ‘We primarily deal with individuals who commit burglary and robbery offences – crime types that cause a huge amount of harm to the victims targeted.

‘In the two years since our launch, our investigations have led to numerous dangerous offenders being imprisoned for more than 800 years and it is pleasing to see that run of success has continued into April.

‘Removing these people from the streets has undoubtedly made our communities safer and, which is more, the results clearly show we are achieving robust results for the victims targeted.’

Detective Inspector Darren Reynolds

Among those imprisoned by the team is a robber who pushed an elderly woman to the floor before snatching her handbag in Gravesend. He also burgled several homes across the district, with his fingerprints found at most crime scenes, and was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

A shop robber who targeted two different stores in Dartford over a two day period was also imprisoned for five years and three months. During one of the incidents, the offender threatened an employee with a knife and in the other a cashier was assaulted as they stood behind a till.

A prolific burglar who stole jewellery from properties across Ashford, Folkestone and Westgate-on-Sea was also sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

In addition to securing justice in these cases, the team have also remanded numerous suspects in custody as part of ongoing investigations.

Among them are two men who are said to have entered three different homes in Sheerness before threatening residents with knives. The two suspects have been charged with conspiring to commit robbery and have been remanded in custody to attend Maidstone Crown Court on 20 May.

Fifteen charges were also issued against a single man who is alleged to have committed four burglaries, and 11 fraud offences, across Wateringbury and Maidstone town centre. Like the previous defendants, he has been remanded in custody to appear at Maidstone Crown Court later in May.

DI Reynolds said: ‘From looking at the charges we have secured over April, the public can be assured that we are continuing to target people who we allege are involved in serious offences and taking the most robust course of action available.

‘Anyone who has ambitions to commit similar offences needs to only look at the results we are achieving. There is no place in Kent for individuals who seek to commit robbery or commit burglary and those who do can expect to be targeted by us.’

Detective Inspector Darren Reynolds

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