Fishing vessel under tow by Margate lifeboat 4 August 2021 Photo: RNLI Margate

A commercial fishing vessel has been towed to safety by Margate lifeboat after it encountered machinery problems in shipping lanes north east of Margate.

The 9m fishing vessel with two people on board contacted UK Coastguard around 1pm on Wednesday 4 August reporting their vessel had suffered machinery failure and was disabled in shipping lanes around 6 miles north east of Margate, assistance was requested.

Margate’s B class lifeboat was requested to launch by the coastguard to assess the situation and on arrival the lifeboat crew confirmed the vessel was indeed disabled and that the occupants were safe and well. The lifeboat helm made the decision that towing the vessel to a safe port was necessary and the safest way to assist the casualties.

The fishing vessel was towed to the safety of Ramsgate harbour where it was made secure.

By Ed

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