Six drivers in Dover and Deal have been formally warned they risk having their cars seized if they continue driving anti-socially.

In response to local concerns regarding nuisance behaviour involving cars, officers from Dover Community Policing Team (CPT) carried out a number of patrols around the district during the evenings of Friday 10 September and Saturday 11 September 2021.

On Friday patrols arrived at a supermarket car park in Whitfield and spoke to a number of vehicle owners who had been using the area for car meets.

One vehicle was seen by officers to swerve across the road and wheelspin at traffic lights resulting in the driver being reported for careless driving and also given a Section 59 notice. A second motorist was also given a Section 59 warning for their driving too.

Under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act, if a vehicle is used in a manner that is careless, inconsiderate or is driving off-road and likely to cause distress, the driver or motorcyclist can receive a warning. If the person continues to offend within the following 12 months, officers can seize their vehicle.

On Saturday a further four notices were given to drivers, following enquiries into reports of nuisance driving from the August bank holiday weekend around the Sandwich bypass and Betteshanger Road area.

It follows four people reported for traffic offences on 3 and 4 September. One driver was reported for driving without due care and attention, and his passenger was reported for not wearing a seatbelt. Two other drivers were reported for unnecessary obstruction of the highway due to parking across the entrance of a roundabout so other cars can drift around it.

Work is continuing with partner agencies and local car enthusiast groups to identify other suspected offenders so they can be spoken to by police.

Sergeant Simon Drew of Dover CPT said: ‘We understand how detrimental it can be for a community if cars are regularly driven in an irresponsible way, late into the evening. Engine revving, wheel spinning and racing other vehicles has been reported in recent weeks and we will take action against those responsible if they are seen to do it repeatedly. Everyone who drives a vehicle has a responsibility to keep the roads safe and play their part in promoting responsible driving.

‘We have issued a number of warnings to drivers and if they are found to continue their behaviour, they will have their vehicle seized.

‘Our patrols will continue across the district but if residents become aware of any ongoing incidents, they are urged to report it to Kent Police on 101, or via our website, or call 999 if a crime is in progress.’

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