A criminal enterprise that supplied fraudulent passports to some of the UK’s most notorious organised criminals has been dismantled by a National Crime Agency investigation.

Officers believe the crime group provided hundreds of UK passports that enabled criminals – including fugitives from UK justice and international drug and firearm traffickers – to cross borders and conduct business undetected.

A 66-year-old man from Sydenham, who splits his time between Spain, the UK and Ireland, was arrested at his home address on 11 October. He is suspected of acting as a broker between criminals seeking to buy the passports and crime group members that supplied them.

Nine people believed to be members of the crime group were also detained on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice and making false instruments in NCA raids in Sutton, Sydenham, Rotherhithe, Hackney, Battersea and Hayes (Kent). They are aged between 34 and 71.

A team of NCA officers, working closely with the HM Passport Office and the Dutch National Police, have been monitoring the group’s movements. They have provided intelligence on FOG passports being used by fugitives which has led to numerous arrests across Europe, and further afield in Dubai, Australia, Thailand and Brazil.

NCA officers allege the group specialised in fraudulently-obtained genuine passports (FOGs) – documents which are issued authentically but have been applied for using false information. The result is a seemingly legitimate document, and FOGs are therefore highly sought after by criminals worldwide.

They sourced individuals who were willing to sell their personal details for passport applications. It is believed payments up to £2,000 were made to those willing to provide their identity.

Another 14 people, suspected of receiving the FOGs or assisting the group through countersigning documents they knew to be fraudulent, were also arrested by the NCA in Kent, Essex and Merseyside. They were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to make a false instrument and are aged between 38 and 73.

Monday morning’s operation, which involved more than 250 officers, follows a lengthy investigation by the NCA into the criminal network codenamed Operation Strey. The activity was also supported by the Metropolitan Police.

Jacque Beer, NCA Regional Head of Investigations, said: “This is one of the most significant NCA investigations of recent times.

“We believe that this group’s activities has enabled some of the most serious organised criminality in the UK and around the world.

“Today’s operation has dismantled a criminal service that let drug and firearm traffickers, suspected murderers, and fugitives evade detection and operate internationally under false identities.

“It hasn’t just broken up a widespread and deep-rooted criminal conspiracy; it has led to the strengthening of safeguards against criminal exploitation of the UK passport issuing system.

“Our investigation, which continues with the evidence we have gathered today, showcases the NCA’s role in leading the law enforcement system against serious and organised crime; targeting the elite criminal specialists presenting the biggest threat to the UK.”

Jacque Beer

Security Minister Damian Hinds said: “This is a fantastic result and will do significant damage to the serious organised crime groups who want to inflict misery on our shores and around the world. The close working between the NCA and Her Majesty’s Passport Office has been at the heart of this hugely successful operation.

“The Government is working to make the UK border one of the most effective and secure in the world, which will also support our ambition of dismantling ruthless organised crime groups.”

By Ed

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