A knife sweep carried out by the Dover Cadet Unit, supported by the Special Constabulary and local Community Safety Unit, resulted in weapons being found, seized and destroyed.

On Saturday 9 October 2021 the team made up of 11 cadets, three special constables and three police community support officers conducted sweeps across the Dover area on the hunt for discarded weapons and any other items that could be used to cause injury.

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Specials and cadets search for knives near Dover Port

The effort was co-ordinated by Special Inspector Thomas Briant who said: ‘This was about ensuring we do everything possible to prevent weapons from getting into the wrong hands and causing serious harm.

‘Some items were handed in by members of the public and we also found some that had been discarded.

‘We all volunteer our time because we have pride in our communities and want to keep them safe so people can enjoy what the area has to offer.’

By Ed

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