Children at Wingham Primary School, near Canterbury, welcomed Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Eva Winter and Special Constable Devi Patel to their classroom during a themed day to celebrate heroes.

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The two officers spoke to the youngsters from Year 2 on 14 October 2021, about their jobs in the community and came up with a fun game of Spot the Difference, where they asked the children to point out the differences in their uniforms – right down to the laces on their boots.

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Children enjoy playing Spot the Difference

PCSO Eva Winter said: ‘This was a brilliant opportunity to engage with young people in a fun and friendly environment. They were really excited to see us and enjoyed the game. They also took part in some colouring and were keen to send us back to the station with their artwork for our walls.

‘We were humbled to be considered heroes and given the opportunity to visit the pupils. The class have been meeting people from other emergency services too including a nurse and a firefighter. When we asked the children if they would consider a career in policing, a lot of hands went into the air. The talk gave us the opportunity to educate young people on the important role officers and volunteers play in their local community.’

Mrs Piper, the class teacher, told officers: ‘Thank you for inspiring the children to want to be better citizens and to realise how important your jobs are. They felt very privileged to have met ‘real life’ heroes and to have their many questions answered.’

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