Burglary alert in Bilsington By Ferenc Zsinko

We have had a report of a shed break in the area of Bilsington TN25. This occurred on the afternoon of the 19th January 2022.

A hedge trimmer and chainsaw have been stolen.

Please ensure you secure outbuildings. Consider having cctv installed and security marking items of value.

If anything suspicious is seen or heard, do not hesitate in contacting Police at the time your concern is raised.

With regards to this particular incident, if you have any information that could assist Kent Police please either Live Chat or ring 101 quoting reference 46/12162/22.

Stay Vigilant – Stay Safe !

(Police, PC, Folkestone & Hythe Community Safety Unit)

Keyless Key Car Entry by PCSO Euan Gilham

Recently Kent Police have received a high number of calls in regard to vehicle interferences and thefts.

Always ensure your vehicle is locked and all valuables are removed from inside the vehicle, with more and more vehicles moving towards keyless entry, thieves are using sophisticated methods such as relay attacks or “key cloning”.

New cars with keyless entry are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks due to thieves being able to pick up the frequency and broadcast it to your vehicle without needing the pass to gain entry to the vehicles.

If you are an owner of a new car which has keyless entry, it might be worth purchasing a blocking pouch for the pass/ key for the vehicle. The blocking pouch works due to having a thin metallic lining which can block any frequency that may be used to gain access to a vehicle, The blocking pouches are readily available online and various retail establishments.

(Police , PCSO, Folkestone and Hythe Community Safety Unit)

By Ed

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