A thief who assaulted a shop worker and spat in the faces of two police officers has been jailed.

Connor Jones, 24, from Canterbury, was given a 360-day sentence at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on 20 January 2022.

The court hearing followed an investigation by Canterbury’s Victim Based Crime Team into a series of thefts from supermarkets around the city.

Connor Jones tablet
Connor Jones has been jailed

The investigation led to Jones being charged in relation to the theft of alcohol, mainly high-value bottles of spirits, worth a total of more than £1,900, between 29 December 2021 and 9 January 2022.


During one of the thefts, Jones was challenged by a member of staff outside a supermarket in Sturry Road. He then threw bottles of alcohol towards the staff member, injuring the man’s foot.

Jones was arrested on 18 January and spat in the face of the arresting officer. After being brought into custody at Canterbury Police Station, he spat in the face of another officer and urinated on his cell door.

Jones was charged with and later admitted two counts of assaulting an emergency worker, one count of assault, one count of criminal damage and 13 counts of shoplifting.

Protect businesses

PC AnnMarie Lucas, investigating officer for Canterbury’s Victim Based Crime Team, said: ‘Kent Police will go after and bring to justice shoplifters whose crimes have a big impact on local businesses.

‘I am pleased the number of offences we showed Jones had committed has led to this repeat offender being removed from the streets of Canterbury.

‘No police officer should have to put up with being treated the way Jones behaved towards those who arrested him. The court has recognised the seriousness of his actions towards my colleagues and I hope the message sent out is clear: Assault police officers and you will go to jail.’

PC AnnMarie Lucas

By Ed

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