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As some people may be aware, Kent County Council has just launched its public consultation regarding bus funding cuts which would come in to force from August of this year.

The evening services of the no 17 from Folkestone to Canterbury could be lost alongside the weekly on Thursday 111 daytime service from Ashford via Aldington, Lympne and Hythe to Folkestone.

These as well as the South East Kent Carrier service which greatly helps people with disabilities and/or elderly who are unable to use the normal buses to get to and from shops could be hit.

Across Kent as many as 54 subsided services may well be lost if the cuts go ahead as other Kent Karrier and SEND (services for disabled children) school bus services.

Kent County Council warned that it has to make £3.2 million ‘savings’ in the financial year 2022/23 with the bulk coming from cutting bus subsidies and also increasing its Travel Saver Passes price.

Opposition Councillors on KCC have warned that the planned cuts are short-sighted as no-one yet knows how much will be received from the Government’s Bus Back Better Strategy.

They are concerned about the effect on other services, which may become overcrowded, or lead to far more cars on the road and the effects on peoples finances at a time when most are already going to face the pinch due to rising energy, food and other costs.

It is believed it could be the thin end of the wedge ahead of even more bus cuts in the future.

Public Consultation

Further information can be found on the KCC website at

Consultation information cards and posters are available at Kent Libraries.

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