On Monday 4 April 2022, officers from the town’s Community Safety Unit completed checks on motorists in Yew Tree Road, Eridge Road and Longfield Road.

Checking speed DESKTOP

The campaign to target speeding drivers who endanger other road users has continued in Tunbridge Wells.

Over four hours, 19 drivers were stopped and warned that they were exceeding the 30mph speed limit.


Two motorists were reported for driving without insurance and one for having no test certificate. One of the uninsured cars was also seized.

District Command for Tunbridge Wells, Chief Inspector Omid Changizi, said: ‘Following complaints from residents, we completed these checks to remind drivers they have a responsibility to drive within the speed limit and in an insured, roadworthy vehicle.’
‘These checks will be repeated and those who continue to speed or drive dangerously will be reported and may receive a fixed penalty notice or have to appear at court.’

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