For the travelling family that loves travelling, either a short weekend trip or going for a camping spree, a motorhome is a fabulous way to see the country and its beauty.

With a motorhome, one gains the freedom of travel as a family without worrying about accommodation or sacrificing home comfort. It also provides stress-free travel as they are versatile in travel and usage. The family gets to spend quality time together and strengthen family bonds. The advantages of getting a motorhome are on an endless list. When we think of buying a motorhome, there is an option of either buying a new one or a used one. The following article outlines some of the key pros and cons of purchasing a new or a used motorhome.

Buying a new motor home has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the advantages of buying a new motorhome.

Have A Superior Performance

Purchasing a new motorhome means the motorhome has never had another owner making you the first to own it. Unlike a used motorhome, a new motorhome comes in with new and tested features of the motorhome such as the leisure battery. A new motorhome also performs better in terms of the engine and power supply within the motorhome. Buying a new motorhome allows personalization and customization towards one’s taste and preference. 

Comes With A Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer warranty is a document in which the manufacturer takes the liability of repair in case of damage within the stipulated time. The manufacture warranty covers the base vehicle as provided by the vehicle manufacturer and the motorhome conversion as provided by the motorhome manufacturing company. The manufacturer warranty varies in duration as some are longer while others are short. The longer the warranty translates the more durable and reliable motorhome is. 

They Have The Unmatched Features

The joy of every motorhome owner is to get value for money. Purchasing a new motorhome guarantees cutting-edge features to provide the user with much-needed comfort during their trips or camps. Different motorhome models come with some unique features as a way to entice potential buyers. The features in a new motorhome are usually well tested and hence they have reduced chances of malfunctioning.  

The following are some of the disadvantages associated with buying a new motorhome

High Buying Price

Generally, a new motorhome is expensive due to some factors such as motorhomes have a limited production rate. The other key reason is the customization service to suit the client’s needs. Although not all motorhome companies offer customization services, the overall partitioning makes it expensive. Their demand has also risen in the recent past causing a price increase. The increase in demand has been associated with the rise in the number of family camps and road trips. 

High Depreciation Rate

New motorhomes are expensive to purchase and also depreciate faster than any other vehicle on the road. The value of a motorhome depreciates immediately after driving off from the manufacturer making many opt for the used one. The high depreciation rate is associated with the complexity of combining a vehicle and a living space.  

Higher Insurance Cost

Without a doubt, a new motorhome will cost more to insure compared to a used motorhome. Some of the key factors that affect the insurance cost include the type of the motorhome, its year of manufacture, the overall condition it is in, its base usage, area of residence, the owners driving experience and record. Always understand the policy and its applicable terms and conditions before committing to an insurance policy. 

Purchasing a used motorhome comes with its pros and cons. The following are some of the key pros of buying a used motorhome

Lower Prices

Buying a used motorhome for sale by Oaktree Motorhomes cost less compared to a new motorhome. The main cause of used motorhomes costing cheaper is the high depreciation rate motorhomes. Also as a second user, one may need extra compensation to match the new owner’s preference and taste. The used motorhome does not come with a manufacture warranty making the new owner liable for repairs and replacements needed.

Lower Insurance Cost

Just as any other home or vehicle, a motorhome requires insurance cover to ensure the vehicle and the items inside can be replaced in case of an accident or theft. A used motorhome has depreciated making the insurance policy cheaper. Other factors affecting the cost of the insurance include the age of the driver, the residential address, the type of the motorhome, the drivers driving expertise and also previous insurance claims among other key factors.

Less Deprecation

Unlike a new motorhome, a used motorhome has a slow depreciation rate considering that the motorhome has been previously been used. The factors that cause depreciation of a motorhome include, the age of the motorhome that’s calculated from the year of manufacture, the overall distance covered in miles, the presence of damages like water damage, or the visibility of wear and tear.

The following are some of the cons associated with buying a used motorhome.

Has A Previous Owner

Buying a used motorhome means someone else had used it before you. The fact also translates that the motorhome has high mileage and its customization is to the first owner’s preference. The new owner must take it upon himself to redo the customization to suit their taste and preference. The activity may be costly but also unavoidable

Has A Higher Potential For Hidden Issues

Having been used before by the first user, used motorhomes do require to undergo thorough evaluation and examination. The activity aims to spot any possible wear and tear or hidden damages like water damage that could be fatal if not identified and corrected in time.  

Has Limited Selection

Getting a new motorhome allows the buyer to choose from a variety of options. The used motorhomes are dependent on the seller. Sometimes one has to settle for the motorhome they didn’t want due to limited variety.  

In Summary

Whether a new motorhome or a used motorhome, one needs to take great care of the motorhome to ensure a smooth ride. It will also enhance its performance. Also doing regular engine servicing ensures successful trips without mechanical breakdowns. 

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