A man in Folkestone has been jailed after borrowing multiple phones to make nuisance calls to an ex-partner after refusing to accept the end of their relationship.

Jack Walker, 26, of Sandgate Road in Folkestone, started to send unwanted texts, social media messages and make nuisance calls in December 2021. The victim chose to ignore the messages but as the weeks went on, Walker came up with more creative ways of reaching his victim.

Unwanted contact

Despite having been blocked from calling the woman, he used various public pay phones to call her and even stopped members of the public and asked to borrow their mobiles so he could make more calls. He was repeatedly told by relatives not to continue calling but ignored the victim’s wishes.

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Jack Walker

By February, the number of unwanted calls had increased and were happening almost every day including attempts to contact via social media platforms and from newly-created accounts in order to hide Walker’s identity and work around him being blocked from getting in touch.

Threatening behaviour

On 22 March 2022 Walker was able to reach the victim by calling from a withheld number and the call was recorded. Walker threatened to come over to where the woman was living and said he would stab her father if he wasn’t allowed entry to her home. It left the victim completely terrified for her family.

Walker was arrested by Kent Police and denied saying anything that would have been threatening, blaming his behaviour on being intoxicated at the time. He also denied trying to contact the woman every day but then did admit that on some occasions he would try calling multiple times.

Walker later pleaded guilty to charges of stalking and malicious communications and was jailed for 18 months at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday 17 August 2022.

Investigating officer PC Adam Curtis said: ‘Stalking can have a devastating effect on victims’ lives, and no one should accept this kind of behaviour. We urge anyone who has been or is currently a victim of this type of obsessive behaviour to report it to Kent Police. You don’t have to be physically hurt to report a crime and often the fear of what could happen is just as bad.

‘There is no excuse for bombarding someone with unwanted calls and making threats and I hope that Walker takes this time in prison to consider his behaviour in future. It is not acceptable and we remain focused and committed to helping people get justice and move forward.’

Click here for further information, advice and support relating to Violence Against Women and Girls. This page also includes details on how Kent Police is tackling offences including domestic abuse, stalking, harassment and other forms of violence.

If you have been a victim of violence and wish to report an offence, click here


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