A recent study found that 100% of UK car owners would be willing to switch to an EV if the price was right. This is a big shift from what we were seeing before the pandemic and all the events that ensued. 

The rising price of fuel is one of the reasons behind this, but many others need to be considered as well. Electric vehicle manufacturers have done a great job at making their vehicles more interesting, for instance, and infrastructure improvement also helped. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why more car owners are considering electric vehicles nowadays.

Public Opinion

We can talk about the rise in fuel cost and the effect on electric vehicle sales, but one thing we should also talk about is the public shift in perception regarding global climate issues. More and more people are starting to realise the magnitude of the climate issue and want to make a change. This has pushed many people to scratch fuel-powered vehicles off their list completely and look at more eco-friendly options, with electric vehicles being one of the main choices.

Improvements in Technology

Another very underrated reason why electric vehicles are starting to get the attention of more people is all the different advances in technology we’ve seen recently, especially when it comes to battery range and charging speed. While people used to literally have to leave their vehicles plugged in overnight before, they can now charge their battery in less than an hour depending on the vehicle and charger. This makes EVs much more convenient and removes some of the range anxiety.

Greater Choice of Vehicles and Buying Options

The choice of electric cars used to be very limited, and there was a time when all you could find were smaller vehicles. Things have greatly changed lately, and most car manufacturers will have multiple electric models in their selection. You can also expect to see at least a hybrid version of their most popular models.

There’s a greater variety of options when it comes to the aftermarket and leasing as well. If leasing an electric vehicle sounds appealing to you and you would like to learn more about it, LV ElectriX is a great resource. You can find their guide here.

The Benefits

Let’s not forget all the benefits offered to people who decide to buy electric cars. The government has made it very clear that it is serious about its plan to start removing gas-powered vehicles from the roads by 2030 and has done a great job at enticing people by offering rebates not only on the sale of new electric vehicles but also on leases and equipment. 

The EV chargepoint grant, for instance, will finance the installation of an at-home charging station by as much as 75%. We can expect to see more of these schemes being introduced, and more people start taking advantage of them in the future.

UK car owners and car owners around the globe are starting to realise the benefits of electric vehicles. If you have always been intrigued by EVs, now could be a good time to start learning about them and see if they could be a good option for you.

By Ed

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