Rural and Wildlife crime often goes unreported say Police.

It is thought part of the issue is that these crimes are largely unknown when compared to other commonly known crimes.

Here is a short list to help identify what these crimes are:

Wildlife crimes 

  • poaching
  • coursing
  • persecution of badgers, birds and bats
  • egg theft and collection
  • collection of trade in protected species and animal products
  • not registering animals that require a licence
  • taking protected plants
  • use of poisons, snares or explosives to kill or injure animals
  • animal cruelty
  • hunting with dogs
  • introducing invasive species
  • killing or capturing, damaging or destroying the habitat of any protected animal

Rural crimes

  • theft of farming or agricultural equipment or fuel, damage to agricultural property
  • tack theft
  • theft of lead from churches
  • damage to ancient monuments
  • illegal metal detecting
  • livestock worrying

For more information surrounding Wildlife and Rural crimes visit the Kent Police website rural crimes page, Rural crime | Kent Police

By Ed

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