National Highways gritter ready for action

National Highways’ gritters will be back out on the roads in the coming days following warnings of a period of cold weather.

It is also reminding motorists to give gritters plenty of space and time on the road after revealing one of its vehicles was hit by another vehicle while out salt spreading earlier this winter.

Road users should also consider the following steps to keep safe on the road in terms of planning for their journey, keeping pace with the latest weather forecasts, and ensuring they carry out regular vehicle checks.


Met Office forecasters are predicting a change to cooler conditions later this weekend. Showers from the north could fall as snow over the high ground in Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland later in the weekend, with a wintry mix of rain, hail, sleet and snow possible at the start of next week, especially over high ground.

Ice is likely to be an ongoing hazard for most from Sunday onwards. Stay up to date with the latest warnings on the Met Office website.

Darren Clark, Severe Weather Resilience Manager, at National Highways said: “We would ask all road users to take extra care when driving when our gritters are out on our road.

“Whilst gritters travel up to 50mph when spreading road users need to be aware of the road and traffic ahead of them. We have had an incident this winter where the rear of a gritter was hit. We ask all road users to give our staff time and space to do their job safely, and if you see our vehicles indicating to change lanes please do what you can to safely help us to do this.”

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