There was a fantastic response to the temporary usage of the new Outer Marina last summer and, as the appeal of the wider waterfront continues to build, the Port is ready to complete the final construction elements ready for the planned re-opening on 1 April.

Following on from the work that was carried out last August, the next phase is to install piles for the Outer Wave Wall which will provide wave protection to the marina in the future. With an anticipated start date of 16 February, it is expected that the work to take around six weeks.

Construction of the wave wall involves the installation of 59 interlocking tubular steel piles creating a 70m long wall to the north-east of the entrance to the Outer Marina, and Knights Brown Construction with Red 7 Marine as their piling subcontractor will be responsible for delivery.

Piling works

 Piling works will be carried out from the jack up barge operating on the northern (harbour) side of the wall and the piles will be installed using a combination of vibro-piling and impact hammer piling. 

There will be some noise during the periods when the piles are being driven.  However, the periods of the noisier impact driving should be for less than 30 minutes duration for each pile, with a maximum of three piles being driven per day.

The Port has worked hard to minimise any disruption and maximise the opportunity for continued enjoyment of the waterfront.  Being some distance out into the harbour, it is anticipated that the noise should have minimal impact on residents, leisure users and businesses overall.

  • Noisier operations are limited to between 0800 and 1800 Monday to Friday and 0800 to 1200 on Saturday. 
  • There will be no piling on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
  • The Marina Pier will be open, but access to the outer end will be closed except over the Bank Holiday weekend.
  • Vessel movements into and out of the Outer Marina will be controlled via Port Control and a Notice to Mariners has been issued.  Boat owners should contact Port Control in the normal way to get permission to proceed.  Ear protection will be required when piling is in progress, which is being made available for use from the Marina Office.
  • Swimming is allowed at all times outside the brief periods of impact piling and these periods will be advised each day by Beach Patrol management who will be on site to ensure public safety at the appropriate times. However, the beach will still be accessible, paddling will be permitted at all times and water sport activities can still be undertaken throughout, provided individuals wear a lifejacket to ensure their head does not remain underwater for a prolonged period of time when noise levels will be more significant.

Everyone’s cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated in ensuring maximum access to the beach and water whilst delivering a key part of this exciting waterfront regeneration programme.  Progress will be monitored once the piling is underway and further updates on any changes will be provided as required.

If you have any questions or concerns about these works, please email

By Ed

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