If you have just moved out of your parent’s house and rented an apartment for the first time, you should know some essential rules to have a good relationship with your landlord. Contrary to the typical scenario, landlords and renters don’t have to be in conflict.

Both – the landlord and the renter play their respective roles in fulfilling their respective responsibilities. While the renters have to ensure timely and guaranteed rent, the landlord has to ensure the best customer service by providing a solution to the tenant’s complaints.

Nonetheless, the landlord-renter relationship can foster satisfaction and mutual respect if they fulfill their respective roles. Unfortunately, in real life, renters are prone to damage the landlord’s perception of them with a few mistakes that can be easily avoided.

With that said, if you want a fantastic relationship with your landlord, you will want to follow the below-outlines rules. These rules are a sure way to keep your landlord happy.

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Avoid Lies

As a renter, you will want to avoid lies – especially – white lies. You already know that lies are damaging to any relationship, including the landlord-tenant relationship. When it comes to white lies, these can certainly get you in trouble – worst case scenario – you could get evicted.

White lies can sow the seed of doubt into your landlord’s mind, and their confidence in you will start to deteriorate. It can be quite tempting to indulge in a bunch of half-truths now and then, but things like “we are sending the check in the mail” or “you will get the rent sure thing by tomorrow” can add up to serious future issues.

The best way to deal with white lies is to not use them at all – if you have given your words to follow a promise, you will want to follow true.

Always Pay Rent on Time

You will always want to pay your rent on time as a renter. Delayed rent payment is one of the most pervasive issues that landlords deal with. You won’t want to give your landlord a reason to hate you as a tenant, so you will want to ensure that your rent is paid on time.

To prevent unpleasantries with your landlord, you will want to avoid additional charges for the late submission of your rent. You can benefit from a rent guarantee scheme, pay your rent on time every time, and make your landlord love to have you as a responsible tenant.

Believe us – late submission of monthly rent can cause your landlord loads of stress. If you ever come across circumstances where a delay in the rent is inevitable, you will want to reach out to your landlord and inform them as quickly as possible.

You never know – your landlord could be depending on your rent to supplement the mortgage of the property.

Keep Your Property Clean

Another common nuisance landlords face from their tenants is not cleaning the property or cluttering the living space. As a renter, you are responsible for taking care of your property. It is written in the contract, which is why you will have to respect the property and the landlord’s investment.

By cleaning your property, you will prevent extra wear and tear that can happen when mold and grime accumulate. As a renter, you will want to ensure that your “home” – even – if it is temporary, remains in its best shape.

You will want to thoroughly clean your apartment  at least twice a year. If you have a busy schedule, you will want to hire someone to do the needful for you. Trust us – your landlord will be happy to have a tenant like you who keeps the place clean.

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