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Residents and visitors to Dartford shouldn’t be shocked to see additional police patrols in the town centre over the weekend.

The area has recently seen an increase in disorderly behaviour and officers will be proactive in seeking to deter any further incidents.

Additional powers have been granted to officers between 2.30pm on Friday 21 April and 2.30pm on Saturday 22 April 2023.

These powers will apply to locations within Instone Road, Home Gardens, Highfield Road, Lowfield Street and Westgate Road.

They allow constables to stop and search any pedestrian or vehicle if any weapons are suspected to be present.

Targeted use of powers

District Commander for Dartford, Chief Inspector Will Lay, said: ‘Due to concerns about a minority of individuals involved in violent crime in the town centre, officers will be completing mobile and foot patrols throughout the day, to prevent further offending and reassure residents and businesses.

‘Officers have been given additional powers which will be used in a targeted manner to ensure anyone seeking to travel to Dartford, intent on committing crime, is stopped. Those found in possession of weapons or controlled drugs will be swiftly detained and taken into custody.’

Anyone who wishes to report an incident of concern or crime should contact Kent Police on our website. If a crime is in progress, dial 999.

For more information on how Kent Police uses stop and search powers click here. 

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