Graffiti on the fencing overlooking the golf course

The once pristine white fence encompassing the controversial mothballed Hythe seafront development site has seen graffiti sprayed in red paint messaging the district council that their plans do not meet the wishes of all residents.

It was reported that Folkestone and Hythe District Council workers had arrived Saturday afternoon (29 April) in an attempt to remove the graffiti.

Later in the afternoon the workers had left the site but the graffiti remained stubbornly in place.

The original pristine fence stretched to Seabrook Photo: Hawkinge Gazette

The scheme, to develop 150 homes and a swimming pool on the seafront site has been paused since October 2022 citing mounting costs amid financial uncertainty and soaring energy costs.

It has been reported that around £5 million has already been spent without a brick being laid and only the destruction of natural habitat to show for it.

By Ed

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