A registered sex offender from Rochester has been jailed after officers found he was breaching his sexual harm prevention order (SHPO).

John Hubbard DESKTOP
John Hubbard

These include restrictions around possession of mobile phones or computers and use of the internet.

John Hubbard was convicted in 2022 of possessing indecent images of children, and has been subject to strict conditions on his behaviour since being sentenced.

On 9 September 2022, officers from the Medway Offender Management Unit visited Hubbard’s home address to check that he was complying with his SHPO.

Phones seized

He was asked if he possessed any internet based devices and, after initial denials, handed over a mobile phone. He was arrested and a search of his property recovered a further phone hidden under a duvet.

When the latter was examined it was found to contain images of sexual abuse involving children. Hubbard had been sharing some of these with other people using two separate email accounts.

Hubbard, from Rochester was charged and pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court to four counts of breaching his SHPO, two counts of breaching notification requirements, two counts of making an indecent image of a child and one count of possessing an extreme pornographic image.


On Thursday 22 June 2023, the 26-year-old was sentenced to two years and six months’ imprisonment. He will also be subject to additional conditions included in a new 10-year SHPO.

Police Constable James Neville said: ‘We routinely visit registered sex offenders living in our communities to monitor their conduct and ensure they are complying with any conditions that are in place to prevent them re-offending. This includes their use of any devices that could give them access to the internet.
‘In this way, we endeavour to protect the most vulnerable in our community and, where any breaches are discovered, they will be arrested and brought back before the court to answer for their actions.’

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