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Great news! A commuter’s stolen e-bike was found by officers patrolling Tunbridge Wells in support of Kent Police’s Safer Summer campaign.

On Wednesday 21 June 2023, the commuter had returned to the town’s railway station to find their e-bike was missing.

The theft was reported and constables from the neighbourhood task force were alerted in case they spotted it while responding to incidents.

Five days later, the bike was recovered on Monday 26 June in woodland near Frant Road.

Enquiries are now underway to identify those responsible for the theft.

Recovered bike DESKTOP
Recovered bike

Police Sergeant Ed Kavanagh said: ‘Our officers are currently deployed in areas of Tunbridge Wells where there have been reports of anti-social behaviour and disorder. Whilst working to keep residents and visitors safe over the summer period, our team remain alert for those intent on committing crime and, in this case, were determined to track down the distinctive electric cycle.

‘I am pleased we have now been able to reunite the owner with their stolen property.’

By Ed

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