Thanet District Council reports that a developer who did not follow the conditions of its planning permission for a housing project in Manston has been fined.

The council’s Legal and Planning Departments took the developer, Manston Park Living Ltd, to court on Tuesday 20 June 2023 and won its case. The developer now has to pay £6,250 in total for fines and costs.

Thanet District Council claimed the developer, Manston Park Living Ltd, had not completed the work and landscaping, which it was supposed to do at the Manston Park Living site on Manston Road, Manston and had not built a children’s play area for youngsters who lived there.

The council said it had received a number of complaints from people who were unhappy that the developer had not done what had been agreed when the planning permission was granted.

Manston Park Living Ltd claimed it was not guilty of breaking 187A of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. It said it had done some of the things that the council had asked it to do, but the court found the developer guilty.

Thanet District Council (TDC) reported that Manston Park Living Ltd were fined £2,500, plus £3,500 for the council’s costs and an extra £250.

The council reported that Manston Park Living Ltd been told to complete the work within a certain time, or TDC will take further action.

Cllr Rick Everitt, from Thanet District Council, said: “Landscaping is very important for any housing project – developers cannot ignore the environmental parts of their plans.

“It is also against the law to not do what enforcement notices say. We are very serious about this, and we will always take action when developers cause problems for people and places in Thanet.”

By Ed

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