A red BMW car has been seized and a driver reported following work by police near Sandwich.

Officers from the Dover district Local Policing Team were on patrol on the A256 on the evening of Thursday 6 July 2023 when they saw a BMW being driven in an anti-social manner.

Sandwich Latest
The seized red BMW car

The car was stopped and it was established that the driver had previously been issued with a warning under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act, which warns motorists their vehicles can be seized if they persist in nuisance driving.

Due to the previous warning, the vehicle was seized by police and the driver was issued with a Traffic Offence Report for careless driving.

Tackling nuisance drivers

Dover District Commander DCI Keith Taylor said: ‘Nuisance driving of this kind has an impact on other road users and residents and I am aware of concerns in the Sandwich area about the issue.

‘I hope the seizure of this vehicle and the further proceedings the driver now faces sends out a message to others who might drive in this way: Your behaviour won’t be tolerated and we will take action against you.’

The car’s seizure took place in Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, during which activities are ongoing around the country to raise awareness of the issue and the responses open to authorities.

Tackling anti-social behaviour is also an important part of Kent Police’s Safer Summer initiative, which includes a focus on driving and riding vehicles in an anti-social way, drugs and street drinking.

For more information on Safer Summer, click here. For more information on anti-social behaviour and how to report it, click here.

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