The gathering outside Grace Hill Library Photo: Ray Duff

Story and photos by Ray Duff – A group of campaigners gathered outside the Grace Hill Folkestone Library on Saturday to show their support for the historic building, which has been closed since last year due to environmental issues.

The library, which houses a valuable collection of heritage books and documents, is at risk of being demolished or sold by Kent County Council.

The campaigners, who have collected over 3600 signatures on a petition to save the library, held banners and placards with slogans such as “Save our library” and “Books not bulldozers”. They also distributed flyers and encouraged passers-by to fill out an online survey about their views on the future of the library.

The event stages a ‘read in’ Photo: Ray Duff

The event was part of an ongoing campaign to preserve the library and its services, which have been greatly missed by the local community. The campaigners have been in talks with the council and other stakeholders to find a viable solution for the building, which has been deemed unsafe and unfit for use.

A campaign spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We are here today to raise awareness and to let the council know that we are not giving up on our library. This is a precious asset for Folkestone and we want it to be restored and reopened as soon as possible. We also want to hear from the people who use the library and what they would like to see in it. We hope that the council will listen to us and work with us to find a way forward.”

The council has not yet made a final decision on the fate of the library, but has said that it is exploring various options, including refurbishment, relocation or disposal. The council has also said that it is committed to providing library services in Folkestone, but has not specified where or how.

The online survey, will run until August 31 and will collect feedback from the public on their preferences and suggestions for the library. The campaigners hope that the survey results will help them to make a strong case for saving the library and its collections.


Protesters want to know what you think – your use of Grace Hill, your ideas for its future. It should take you around 3-4 minutes

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