A fire safety campaign called “Let’s Stay Fire Safe” has recently launched in Kent and Medway, featuring two animations that illustrate how to prevent and escape fires.

The animations focus on fire safety tips for the home and for communal areas in flats. 

They cover both parts of the campaign – fire safety advice in the home and also guidance on keeping communal areas safe in blocks of flats.

To view them both visit Fire Safety – Kent Housing Group

The campaign is a collaboration between the Kent Housing Group (KHG) and various housing associations and local councils. It aims to raise awareness of fire safety among residents living in social housing, as well as other householders.

It has been endorsed by Kent & Fire Rescue Service (KFRS), who confirmed that the fire safety messages are consistent with official guidance.

Brian Horton, Interim Chair of KHG, said: “We want to encourage our tenants to take simple steps to keep themselves, their families and neighbours fire safe. Social housing landlords in Kent and Medway are sharing details of this campaign with their tenants through various channels.”

The “Let’s Stay Fire Safe” campaign includes a toolkit for landlords with images, social media posts, QR codes, posters for communal areas and a dedicated KHG webpage. The campaign also highlights the following key messages:

· Test your smoke detector regularly and make sure it works,

· Avoid overloading your electrical sockets and check for faulty wires,

· Follow the fire safety advice for any portable heaters you use,

· Never leave lit candles or cigarettes unattended in your home,

· Close fire doors in communal areas and report any damage to them to your landlord immediately,

· Keep communal areas like corridors, entrance halls and stairwells free from clutter,

· Don’t charge personal items in communal areas or store them in communal cupboards,

· Don’t light open fires or BBQs in your home, balcony or communal gardens (without permission from the landlord),

· Know what the fire escape plan is for your building and practice it with your family

Brian Horton added: “A fire can happen at any time but there are some simple things we can all do to stay fire safe, in our homes and communal areas. By working together and speaking with one voice, we hope that our “Let’s Stay Fire Safe” messages will reach everyone.”

Talk to your landlord today if you have any concerns

KHG urges tenants to talk to their landlord if they have any concerns about fire safety, either in their home or in their block. This could include reporting damage to fire doors, clutter in communal areas, issues with electrical sockets and more.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.kenthousinggroup.org.uk/fire-safety

By Ed

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