You can safely dispose of knives outside Medway Police Station without worrying about facing legal consequences.

Medway’s Community Safety Unit will be placing a new knife surrender bin outside Medway Police Station in Gillingham.

The bin will be placed outside the station between Monday 13 and Sunday 19 November, enabling people to discard the knives, or any one bladed object anonymously, without fear of prosecution.

The bin has been bought by Medway’s Community Safety Unit (CSU) using funding allocated by the Kent and Medway Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).

The VRU is a partnership between the police, local councils, health service providers and other key agencies to deliver a reduction in violence in the county.

The installation of the bin forms part of an ongoing wider strategic approach to reduce knife crime in the Medway area.

Police Sergeant Ross Haybourne, of Medway’s CSU said:

‘Every knife left in one of these bins is one which cannot be used to harm or threaten victims in our community.

‘I would urge anyone who has a knife in their possession, or who knows a family member or friend who may carry one, to report it or hand it in so we can continue to make the Medway area safer.

‘Kent Police is committed to dealing with the issue and removing dangerous weapons from our communities. We will continue to work with our partners to tackle the issue, bring offenders to justice and challenge the culture that leads to people carrying knives.’

It is illegal to carry a knife with any size blade if it is used or intended for use as a weapon. You could be arrested, taken to court and given a criminal record. The maximum penalty if you are found carrying a knife is four years in prison and a fine of £5,000.

Find out more about the VRUby clicking this link:

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