Parents and e-scooter riders in Maidstone are being reminded about the dangers and legal restrictions around their use in public areas.

Action by officers from Kent Police’s Maidstone Community Safety Unit to increase safety on both roads and pedestrian areas in the town has included raising awareness with Christmas shoppers, that is against the law to use e-scooters anywhere other than on private land.

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Officers led a month-long campaign to raise awareness among members of the public about legislation surrounding the use of e-scooters. Many people were unaware they can only be legally ridden on private property and that their use in public spaces could result in the scooter being seized.

Action in the campaign included officers seizing e-scooters in Week Street on Friday 10 November 2023 and issuing the riders with traffic offence reports. During October, they also stopped and issued warnings to more than 30 other owners.

PCSOs are continuing to engage with members of the public to canvass views on the impact of e-scooters across different areas of the town. On 26 October, officers were alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, in the town’s Jubilee Square to answer the public’s questions and concerns about e-scooters.

PC Mitch Hunt, who led the campaign, said:

‘When ridden illegally, e-scooters pose both a nuisance and danger to other road users and pedestrians. Most riders are young and unaware of the law regarding their usage.

‘Ahead of the festive season, we want to encourage anybody looking to buy an e-scooter as a gift to understand the restrictions around riding one. It is an offence to ride an e-scooter in a public space and anyone doing so runs the risk of their vehicle being confiscated.’

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