Most people have, at one time in their lives, lived in a property that was sub-par.

Undoubtedly, this will have had a poor impact on their mental health and will have made it hard to unwind when they were not at work. 

When you are the head of a construction company, and you need to find suitable accommodation for your contractors who are going to be working away from home, you need to consider the impact that choosing good or bad accommodation will have on your team. So, here, some of the impacts good and bad housing can have on work ethic and worker safety will be looked at.

Better Mentality

If you live in a home that is nice to relax in, chances are you will be in a better mindset when you go to work. However, if your home is unsightly and cramped, you will probably find it hard to unwind or sleep. 

When you are looking for accommodation for your contractors, it is best to look into options like corporate housing or even an Airbnb for work by This will ensure that all of your team will have their basic needs met when they are not at the construction site, meaning they can return to work the next day refreshed and ready to work.

Fewer Sick Days

It goes without saying that a home that is dirty, damp, and dangerous is going to have an impact on your team’s health. Indeed, mould-related illnesses in properties are thought to be responsible for the worsening of allergies and asthma and increase the risk of upper respiratory infections. 

So, by choosing high-quality accommodation for your contractors, you are reducing the chances of them developing illnesses that will cause them to take time off work. Also, if you choose accommodation that is safe to inhabit, there is less chance of them getting injured when off the clock.

More Money

You don’t want your contractors to be spending money on their dwellings, as this means they have less money for themselves, leading to disgruntled workers. Good corporate housing options will usually come with all of the necessary furniture and electronics, so your team won’t have to spend any of their own money on their temporary homes. Once all of the bases are ticked, your team will be able to relax, and then, as you may have guessed, they will perform better at their job.

Improved Morale

Picture the scene: you have arrived in a new city to complete a construction project, only to find that the accommodation you have been provided with is small, damp, smelly, dirty and has dodgy electronics. Would you feel that your boss or your company respected you? Would you feel that you were a worthwhile member of your team? Probably not!

The reality is that if you put up your construction contractors in cheap and shoddy accommodation, this will negatively impact the team’s morale. Even if the construction project is a few months long, you want to ensure that your team feels that they are appreciated, or they will likely perform poorly. 

So, make sure you have a clear idea of what the housing options for your team look like before you book the accommodation.

By Ed

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