Windy weather in Folkestone – Photo: Ray Duff

Damaging windy weather associated with Storm Gerrit may cause travel troubles as it makes its way across Kent between 3.00am and midnight, Wednesday 27 December, warns weather forecasting experts at the Met Office.

Strong winds are expected to affect many parts of the country, and this may have some consequences for your travel plans and daily activities. Here are some of the things you should be aware of:

  • Your travel by road, rail, air or ferry may be delayed or disrupted by the windy weather. Make sure you check the latest information from your transport provider before you leave.
  • The coast may be a dangerous place to be, as the strong winds may bring spray and large waves that may flood the roads, seafronts and coastal communities. Avoid going near the water and stay safe indoors.
  • Some bus and train services may be affected by the windy conditions, and you may have to wait longer or take a different route. Plan your journey in advance and be prepared for changes.
  • You may experience power cuts and loss of other services such as phone or internet in some areas. Have an emergency kit ready and keep in touch with your family and friends.
  • If you drive a high-sided vehicle such as a truck or a caravan, you may find it hard to control your vehicle or it may be blown over by the strong winds. Be careful on exposed routes and bridges and follow the speed limit and the signs on the road.

By Ed

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