Tonbridge is taking a bold step towards ensuring the safety of women and girls in the area. In a recent initiative, police officers have been engaging with women and girls to gain a better understanding of their safety concerns.

The Neighbourhood Task Force, local beat officers, and police dog handlers joined forces to gather responses from passing pedestrians.

The initiative was a resounding success, with nearly 50 women and girls engaging with the officers. The women and girls were given surveys to highlight any concerns they had and were also given advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime whilst out and about or within the home. The surveys will assist future planning to prevent crime in the town, in particular violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Tonbridge Chief Inspector Stuart Paul said:

‘We want women and girls to understand how committed we are to tackling VAWG, with our partners, and it is important they trust us to do this. This latest event has highlighted some concerns, including with street lighting, CCTV, and areas where people would like to see an increased police presence.

‘It will help us act where it is most needed and hopefully make women and girls feel safer as they go about their daily lives, whether that be on the streets, within schools, while using public transport, or in their own homes.’

This initiative is believed to be a step in the right direction towards ensuring the safety of women and girls in Tonbridge and a testament to the town’s commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for all its residents.

By Ed

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