The heart of Folkestone is about to get even more vibrant and secure thanks to a successful government funding bid by Folkestone & Hythe District Council, the town centre is undergoing a transformation to make it an even safer haven for all.

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Portable CCTV Cameras: Five brand-new portable CCTV cameras that can be swiftly deployed to different spots whenever there’s a hint of mischief or any unruly behaviour.
  2. Trauma Packs: Safety first! We’ve invested in over 30 trauma packs to provide immediate aid for injuries. These packs will be available at town centre venues, ensuring that help arrives even before the ambulance crew does.
  3. Personal Safety App: Home-Start Shepway is spreading the love with a personal safety app for families. It’s like having a guardian angel in your pocket!
  4. Community Collaboration: The Community Safety Partnership (CSP), along with Kent Police and the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, joined forces to secure a whopping £271,351.60 from the Home Office. That’s two years’ worth of awesomeness!
  5. Folkestone Town Sprucers: These local heroes are getting a well-deserved boost too! They’ve received £5,000 to keep doing their fantastic work alongside the CSP.
  6. Empowering Women: We’re not stopping there! Folkestone & Hythe District Council is teaming up with Home-Start and Rising Sun to host training sessions. Our goal? To prevent violence against women and girls. Let’s create a safer, stronger community together! Online Bystander training is also being offered to members of the public.

Get ready for a brighter, safer, and more connected town centre and celebrate progress, unity, and a dash of sunshine!

Cllr Mike Blakemore, Cabinet Member for Community and Collaboration, said:

“The Safer Streets funding is being used to help make Folkestone’s town centre one that can be enjoyed by everyone, particularly in the evenings.

“The project has also had the benefit of bringing groups together to work under the Safer Streets umbrella, creating partnerships that will bring benefits beyond the two years of this initiative.”

Detective Inspector James Wyles of Folkestone Community Safety Unit said:

“Experience shows that the best way to make the town centre a safe space for local people is for all members of the Community Safety Partnership to work together.

“The schemes made possible by this funding are already helping to discourage crime and anti-social behaviour, with enhanced CCTV monitoring helping us to respond and investigate more effectively when offences do take place.

“The emergency trauma packs will ensure people get the best possible medical help when needed and the funding for environmental improvement will make the area cleaner and safer, for everyone to enjoy.”

Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner said,

“I’m delighted such progress has been made by the Safer Streets Partnership in Folkestone. I’ve seen how similar schemes in Kent have improved environments and made residents feel safer and more valued, not just at day but after dark too. I know this investment will make a difference to people living in the area.”

Jon O’Connor from The Town Sprucer project said:

“It’s been great to build closer working relationships through the Safer Streets programme and to be involved with others in practical work that makes a real difference.”

Visit for more information about the Safer Streets project.

By Ed

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