Following a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, April 25, plans to create mini-woodland areas across the district have received official approval. The council has identified specific parcels of its land that could be utilized for this project, if they can acquire external funding.

The report highlights four hectares of potential planting space distributed across the following six locations:

  1. Dane Valley Road, Margate: Approximately 1.2 hectares.
  2. Garlinge Recreation Ground, Margate: Covering 0.5 hectares.
  3. Memorial Recreation Ground, Broadstairs: Encompassing 0.4 hectares.
  4. Northdown Park, Margate: Spanning 0.8 hectares.
  5. St Peter’s Recreation Ground, Broadstairs: Occupying 0.6 hectares.
  6. Tivoli Park, Margate: Extending over 0.5 hectares.

The initiative aligns with Thanet District Council’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions in its core footprint by 2030. To achieve this goal, any emissions still produced during this period will be offset through carbon sequestration projects, including tree planting. Collectively, these mini-woodland areas are estimated to absorb approximately 1,140 tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 30 years.

Now that the locations for the Mini-Woodland Tree Planting Scheme have received approval from the Councillors, funding applications can be submitted to support the successful implementation of this environmentally beneficial project.

Mike Humber, Director for Environment at Thanet District Council, said:

“Every tree planted in Thanet brings wide ranging benefits to our community. Four hectares of new woodland would increase local biodiversity, help to mitigate some of the effects of climate change and support our ambition of reaching net zero by 2030.”

“We are working hard on initiatives to cut emissions, such as investing in electric vehicles within our fleet and removing gas boilers from council-owned properties. As part of this project, we are also looking at how any remaining emissions can be absorbed.”

“Mini-woodlands are just one of the initiatives we are pursuing to protect our environment and keep Thanet a green and vibrant place to live.”

Between February 2022 and March 2023, Thanet District Council planted 1,100 trees in Ramsgate, in partnership with Trees for Cities, and supported by funding from the Green Recovery Challenge Fun and Urban Tree Challenge Fund. 

Four Ramsgate parks were chosen as they fitted the specific criteria for the funding, being in need of improved biodiversity and canopy cover. They were Jackey Bakers, Nethercourt Park, Newington Green and Warre Recreation Ground. Find out more about the Ramsgate Tree Planting Project on the council’s website

The full report is available here

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